Disney Maternity Clothes – DIY And Where To Buy


Anyone who is or has been pregnant can attest to the fact that maternity clothes, while they have come a LONG way in recent years – are not always the most fashionable or cute things on the planet. It’s hard to look and feel cute when you’re feeling tired, bloated, and spending 90% emptying your bladder…and it’s also harder to enjoy a trip to Walt Disney World – considering there are a lot of rides you can’t ride while pregnant. But there are a few things you CAN do – you can see all the great … [Read more...]

Blue Orange Games Announces 9 new Disney Licensed Games

New Disney Spot It! Games.

Big news from Blue Orange Games, they will be releasing 9 new educational Disney Licensed games. Coming this fall will be 6 new Spot It games, and 2 new Tell Tale games, featuring your favorite Disney Characters. Blue Orange Games is a leading designer and manufacturer for family table top games. They have announced the introduction of 9 new licensed games this fall.  Disney has been a leader in family entertainment for over 60 years. In Disney Blue Orange Games found a "classic" … [Read more...]

Bonus Clip From The Statler & Waldorf Cut of Muppets Most Wanted


In anticipation of the Blu-ray release of Disney's "Muppets Most Wanted," Disney has released a new bonus clip from The Stater & Waldorf Cut of the film! As usual, these two cynical old Muppets express their thoughts on The Muppets. This time, they have decided to edit Disney's "Muppets Most Wanted" in order to improve the film. As you can imagine, Statler & Waldorf's favorite part of the film seems to be the end. Take a look at the bonus clip below! The Muppets are back in … [Read more...]

Disney Tsum Tsum Soft Toy Collection List

North America Tsum Tsum Checklist.

With the launch of  "Disney Tsum Tsum" going global many Disney Addicts every where are excited to collect them all. These soft toys are adorable, and come in 3 sizes. Each size features a variety of characters, however the mini Tsum Tsums boasts the largest selection of characters. We've put together a check list of the new Tsum Tsum toys available Stateside, and a list of all the known characters we could find from Japan.Here is the Checklist complete with Sizes and characters … [Read more...]

“Once Upon a Time” Casts Hans

Hans in OUAT

 Well ladies and gents you are looking at "Hans" for the upcoming season of "Once Upon a Time". His name is Tyler Jacob Moore. I must say the casting so far has been a pretty good match to the characters.Hans is described as, “a well-bred prince with a serious chip on his shoulder,” a young man who burns to be king. Refined and well-spoken on the outside, Hans has a mean streak a mile wide and will do anything to claim the power and respect he thinks he deserves.What do you … [Read more...]