This Week is “Show Your Disney Side” Week on Wheel of Fortune

Disney side wheel of fortune

It's always fun to "Show Your Disney Side"! This week is your chance to "Show Your Disney Side" without leaving the comfort of your couch. "The Wheel of Fortune" set has been magically transformed to showcase the beauty of the castles from Disney World and Disneyland. This is your chance to show your family and friends how well you know Disney.Vanna and Pat will also share their Disney side. You will see them having fun throughout the park.There will also special guest star appearances … [Read more...]

Descendants: Isle Of The Lost Book Review and Giveaway!


Evil tree. Bad Apple?Twenty years ago, all the evil villains were banished from the kingdom of Auradon to the Isle of the Lost--a dark and dreary place protected by a force field that makes it impossible for them to leave. Stripped of their magical powers, the villains now live in total isolation, forgotten by the world.From a first glance you can tell this book is downright chocked full of evil goodness! The cover has of course none other than an apple with vines growing out of the side … [Read more...]

Disney Finds – Mickey’s Music Mat


I love it when Chip and Co fans share items they think my little ones would like. I got an email this past week from Debbie and she told me I should check out Disney Mickey's Music Mat. I remember when I was younger and the movie Big with Tom Hanks came out and I had one of those electronic keyboard mats, this looks to be a step up from that as it has a memory game, 8 pre-programmed tunes and has Mickey & Friends on it.I am not sure how old this item is but I was able to locate it on … [Read more...]

Disney’s New App for the Apple Watch

Disney apple watch app

The Apple Watch apps have focused mainly on utility, and health and fitness, Disney is bringing a dose of Disney magic to the new wearable, offering users fun, feel good moments wherever and whenever. Leveraging assets and content from Disney Publishing Worldwide’s publishing programs and magazine series, “Disney Moment” delivers Disney entertainment to fans throughout the day, while maximizing the innovative features of the new watch.   “Disney Moment” includes: Entertaining Content - … [Read more...]

Beauty and Beast Adds Ewan McGregor as Lumiere!


Ewan McGregor is almost ready to start dancing and romancing his way around the set of Disney's Live Action Movie, Beauty and the Beast.   Cast in the role of Lumiere, the "Cassanova" candlestick of the castle, McGregor will once again be showing us his singing and acting skills especially in Lumiere's big musical number "Be our Guest", one of the all time favorites.   Ewan McGregor who gave us a taste of his musical abilities starring in the 2001 musical, Moulin Rouge, as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi … [Read more...]