Stranded at Walt Disney World and Loving It

Irene put an unfortunate damper on my plans last weekend, as she did for so many up and down the East Coast. While my husband stayed to look after the house, my mom and I evacuated with my two small children to a hotel about three hours away. It was a lovely hotel but it was selected for its availability and its distance from my house – not for its thriving tourist center or local attractions. Trying to find inexpensive, local activities to pass the time with the kids was a challenge.Lying … [Read more...]

Best Bathrooms in Walt Disney World – Epcot


After the success of my last article, Best Bathrooms in Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom, Chip BEGGED me (haha not really) to please write about the bathrooms in the other parks.The bottom line is not being able to find bathrooms that aren't super crowded is SUPER annoying, so knowing the bathrooms to hit before heading to WDW is a major advantage. Dis boards have a great map if you need to take a look.So what are the best bathrooms in Epcot??Outside the ParkRight outside of the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Characters That Should Have a Meet-and-Greet at Disney World

Mary Poppins Meet-and-Greet

Children just love this part of the Disney Park experience! Although you can’t get them to wait 5 minutes for anything else, they’ll gleefully wait 2 hours to hug Belle or pose with Pooh. Too precious!But even we adults have been known to covet the Character Meet-and-Greet experience. Are we really waiting in line for our children, or for ourselves? We’ll keep the answer to that question to ourselves, shall we?So in the spirit of wishful thinking, I give you my Top Five characters that … [Read more...]

Playing the Castle Night of Joy Acts Are Among Contemporary Christian’s Most-Talented


Many Christian music artists consider they’ve really arrived if they “play the Castle” at Disney’s Night of Joy. That being the case, Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, Skillet, Jars of Clay, TobyMac and MercyMe have “really arrived”: Each will be doing a concert on the Cinderella Castle Stage during the Sept. 9-10, 2011, event in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.Of course, that’s just one of several stages throughout the park that will be alive with Christian music presented by a total of 16 … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Things to do at the Disney Resorts

Coronado Springs Resort Sign

For the most part, my writing revolves around the things that you can see and do and experience at Walt Disney World.  It has only been recently that I realized that I really don’t write a whole lot about some of the best aspects of the Walt Disney World resort – the resorts themselves!  So for today, I’m going to give you my top five things to do at the Disney resorts!One thing that I find interesting is that even though we have stayed on property at Walt Disney World for five years in a … [Read more...]