Top 10 Extreme Rides at Walt Disney World

With four theme parks and two water parks, thrill seekers are sure to find their happy place at Walt Disney World. Let’s take a look at 10 of the resort’s top extreme rides.MAGIC KINGDOM: Space Mountain—This classic Magic Kingdom coaster is an all-time fan favorite. Climb the 180-foot mountain then blast off into deep, dark space through twists and turns and past shooting stars and black holes. Two separate tracks, the Alpha and the Omega, mirror each other as they hurl rocket ships through … [Read more...]

Taking advantage of Disney’s on Site Childcare

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Next time you plan a trip to Disney World, consider having a grown-up night out and leaving the kids with a sitter. You can hire an in-room sitter from several services in the area or you can use one of Disney's on-site childcare centers.   A few weeks ago, I went down to Disney World with my oldest son, who is eight-years old. Since I was going to be meeting up with friends in the area one night, I made arrangements to drop him off at The Neverland Club in the Polynesian Resort, right on the … [Read more...]

Get Active with Chip&Co / Tips from the Disney Diva!


So here you are... You're sitting at your computer soaking up your daily dose of Disney Addiction (which we are grateful for, don't get me wrong), wishing you could meet me (the Disney Diva) and and Chip cause we are just soooo cool...ok well maybe just me, The Diva. (ha!) Well, have I got an idea for you!February 24-26th, 2012 RunDisney at Walt Disney World hosts its Princess Half Marathon Weekend. (Hey, I heard that GASP! Just wait a second and let me give you allll the information before … [Read more...]

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, where Disney IS school!

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

MAGICAL MOUSE SCHOOLHOUSE is a unique blog that plusses the homeschool experience and prompts home educators to think outside the textbook. Our bi-weekly posts expose teachable moments in Walt Disney entertainment, from the history of Walter Elias Disney to Audio-animatronics, from theme park attractions to Disney conservation efforts. Each article leaves readers creative ways to learn while they play when Disney IS school. Here’s a sampling of what you might find:Watch Dumbo and learn … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Dad Friendly Rides at WDW


I'm not sure if any of you moms out there have noticed, but sometimes the Dads walking around the Disney Parks aren't that excited about going on It's A Small World or Prince Charming's Carousel.  Of course they go on them because their kids love it, but the excitement factor just isn't there.  They may be longing to ride Space Mountain or Expedition Everest over and over again, but it may be hard to enjoy without the kiddos by your side.  But never fear Disney Dads!  There are some awesome, … [Read more...]