Woman arrested at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, accused of hitting 1-year-old

Jessica M. Lewis

A woman was arrested at Disney's Magic Kingdom park on Thursday after authorities say she punched and kicked her toddler in front of witnesses, jail records show.Orange County sheriff's deputies were called to the park after witnesses said they saw 26-year-old Jessica M. Lewis repeatedly strike the 1-year-old.Lewis, of New Orleans, La., struck the child "in the abdomen/stomach area with a closed fist, causing the child to bend over, clutch his stomach, and cry from the strike," an … [Read more...]

Afternoon Game Drive Paired with Dinner at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


Savannas surrounding Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offer up a panorama of wildlife as creatures large and small roam the grasses, forage for food and play in harmony. The grounds are home to approximately 200 mammals and exotic birds representing a cross-section of the African palette – bongo, greater kudu, zebra, wildebeest, impala, African spoonbills and Eastern white pelicans, to name a few.Just before sunset, eager adventurers gather outside the lodge with a guide for a thrilling … [Read more...]

Make your own Disney’s Kona Cafe Breakfast

Many times we get home from Disney World and wish we would have eaten at a specific restaurant just one more time. Or we find ourselves craving certain foods from our favorite WDW eateries.As our Disney World vacation gets closer I have been craving Tonga Toast and POG Juice.  So having spent most of the morning looking around the internet I was able to locate a the best Tonga Toast and POG Juice recipes. I attempted to make Tonga Toast in the past without much success unlike POG juice that … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things To Do at Disney World Without Tickets

Despite what you may think, there are things to do at Disney that don't require park tickets. Believe it or not, you can have a fun day at Walt Disney World packed full of Disney magic without ever passing through a turnstile. How? Check out my Top 5 Things To Do at Disney World Without Tickets to find out!1. Downtown Disney-Downtown Disney offers LOTS of shopping and dining! I can easily spend hours here wanding through the World of Disney, Trend-D, and the Art of Disney Kids will also … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Bag Security

Image @FAQOrlando.com

Today we have a question from Chuck, who writes:When visiting the parks,is it always necessary to go through the "bag line" if you just have a small camera case?Thanks for writing Chuck, let's see if we can get your answer covered for you!  Technically speaking, all bags that you are bringing to Walt Disney World are required to be checked by security upon entering the park.  However, during our last vacation, I was taking my daughter and niece through security because we were running … [Read more...]