Top 10 Attractions with the Shortest Lines

It's officially summer! Kids are on summer vacation, the temperatures are rising, people are filling up their pools, and families are going on vacation. Therefore, Disney World is a crowded place to be! If you're visiting Disney World during the summer, you're probably wondering how can I experience attractions without waiting and waiting? Is there anything that has a short line? Yes, there is! Disney World actually has many attractions that offer short waits almost all of the time so I have … [Read more...]

Avoid the Disney World Diva Meltdowns


Melt-down – (official definition) “Severe overheating of a nuclear reactor core, resulting in melting of the core and escape of radiation.”Disney World Melt-Down (Diva definition) “The actions that result from being tired, hot, hungry, having aching feet, being over-stimulated, saying no to your greedy kids for the 1,000th time, dealing with a nagging spouse, and knowing that you spent a lot of money to be at WDW.WDW Melt-Downs usually manifest themselves in the park … [Read more...]

Mickey’s Halloween Party Tickets and Details!

Time to get the costumes ready – advanced tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party are now on sale at and at Resort box offices! Mickey’s Halloween Party is your chance to dress up and trick-or-treat with Mickey and friends at Disneyland park. Each event features exclusive viewing of the Halloween Screams fireworks spectacular and access to nearly all attractions, including Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday.Also be on the look-out for appearances by some … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: A Split Stay


This question comes from Kristen:I'm pestering you again with another question. It's been officially determined that my fiance and I are getting married at Disney in March. *insert pause here for an excited dance* ;)My question is this - we plan on staying two nights at Port Orleans, and then for the remainder of the trip, staying at Pop Century to save some money. What's the best - and most cost-efficient - way of getting from one to the other?Thank you, always, for the … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question – Park Carry-ons

This question comes from Katie R:Hi Chip and Company, I am visiting Disney World in August with 3 other adults. I have been wondering for some time whether I should take a backpack or a purse? I know what to put in it (sunscreen, bottled water, touring plans, camera, etc.) but I am wondering if there are any advantages to one over the other? I was thinking of carrying a small, cross- body purse and hooking my water bottle on to it with its carabiner that is on the lid. So basically, … [Read more...]