Disney Confidential – Will Monsters Inc Coaster become a Reality?

Hey there guys and gals your friendly neighborhood Disney Gossip Columnist Anonymouse here!As we all patiently wait for the D23 Expo and conveniently my ticket to the event got lost in the mail, luckily our Disneyland Correspondent Jessica will be there covering all the Disney News! You can follow her on Twitter @ocswaynee or she will be posting on the Chip and Co Facebook page!Now that we got that outta the way lets dish on some Disney Gossip!I have heard rumors on the net about … [Read more...]

Good Eats! Boma – Flavors of Africa with recipes


One of my favorite table service restaurants is Boma – Flavors of Africa, which can be found at my favorite resort, the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Breakfast here is standard fare, but dinner time comes alive with a traditional African buffet that is full of authentic flavors and tempting varieties. To me, the dark wood and low lighting of the Animal Kingdom Lodge is so inviting and comfortable. I love the ambiance as well as the food, service and unique Disney style found here.Boma is a … [Read more...]

Disney World Marathon Training – Runner Question

Cheryl asked: We're running in the WDW Half Marathon 2012 and aren't sure how to plan our trip.  Should we fly down early and visit the parks, or stay after and visit then?   Is it better to be at Disney before or after marathon weekend? Cheryl, I'm glad you asked!  This is a great question and I'm sure people have different answers.  But, since you asked my opinion, I'll share it: Don't plan to go into the parks until after the race.Unless you are a highly trained athlete who runs 13.1 … [Read more...]

Disney World Refurbishment Schedule September 2011

Refurbishment/closure information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to visiting. Updated information is available at the Disney World Website.CurrentOsprey Ridge Golf Course closed through 8/21/11 for refurbishment. Sand Trap Bar and Grill closed through 8/21/11 for refurbishment. Congress Park Leisure Pool (Saratogo Springs Resort) closed through 9/2/11 for refurbishment. Voyage of The Little Mermaid (Hollywood Studios) closed through 9/3/11 … [Read more...]

Epcot’s UK Pavilion Phone Booths

Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion compresses time and style into a brilliant rural/city/town progression and tour across the British Isles, sampling settings from the 1500s to the 1800s. As with other World Showcase stops, Walt Disney Imagineers spared no detail here. Stroll down cobblestone streets, venture through a knee-high hedge maze, laugh with comedic improv, or answer the telephone.Answer the phone? Sure! The bright red kiosks on the north side of the Pavilion are not only some of the … [Read more...]