Top 10 Ways to Know If You’re an Extreme Disney Fan

Chances are that if you are like myself and the other writers here at Chip and Co., you are a Extreme Disney Fan. We have yet to find a cure, but the symptoms of this condition are rather obvious. Most likely your own friends and family have pointed them out to you or questioned your sanitya time or two. Still not sure? Check out my Top 10 Ways to Know If You're an Extreme Disney Fan.1. You refer to your own meals as quick service or table service meals. (This actually happened at my house … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Disney World Snacks

Those with a sweet tooth who have visited Walt Disney World know that there are other attractions at the parks besides the rides and shows, such as Disney snacks! There are so many delicious, Disney treats available all throughout Walt Disney World that it's difficult to pick only a few; but I've managed to come up with a list of my favorite tasty snacks!1. Mickey Premium Bar-You just can't beat this classic ice cream treat in the shape of Mickey! It's practically a rite of passage for … [Read more...]

Top 5 tips for interacting with a Disney Addict


Disney Addicts are just like you. They just have more pairs of Mickey Ears.For those of you who are not Disney Addicts this addiction may seem confusing and overwhelming. The idea that someone would choose to take every vacation at the same location might challenge you. "What is the big deal?", you might ask yourself, "Isn't Disney just a sweltering hot, packed-out theme-park full of kiddy rides and over-priced fast food?"What you must understand is that to a true Disney Addict, every … [Read more...]

Canoe Races Foster Competition and the Spirit of Camaraderie


As the sun came up over Cinderella’s Castle, cheers and laughter filled the air as hundreds of Walt Disney World cast members took to the Magic Kingdom before park open to compete in the 38TH annual Canoe Races Of the World, or C.R.O.W.For two weeks each July, Disney cast members paddle off into the Rivers of America at the Magic Kingdom Park to train and compete in predawn canoe races. A longtime favorite event among cast, the 82 teams averaged five to six minutes to complete the one-mile … [Read more...]

HGTV Seminars at 16th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Sept. 30-Nov. 13


Seven popular HGTV celebrities will offer the inside scoop on home entertaining at weekend seminars during the 45-day Epcot International Food & Wine Festival running Sept. 30-Nov. 13.  Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival a top HGTV personality will appear at The Festival Center in Future World to share his or her own secrets to throwing a perfect party.“Design stars from the network will talk about home entertaining,” said Michael Jenner, festival manager. “Think about the … [Read more...]