RunDisney – Beyond the Runner’s High

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Completing your first race, whether you are running a 5k or the Goofy Challenge (yes, it does happen), is a huge accomplishment.  Many runners will finish a race and feel a huge sense of accomplishment and what is known as a "runner's high. "  Endorphins that are triggered by such strenuous exercise can make even a painful run seem exciting and leave you anxious to register for your next race.But, for many of us, those big runDisney races are far, and few between.  While registration for … [Read more...]

Star Wars Jedi Academy – Little Girl Joins the Dark Side


The Gallego family takes a trip to Disneyland and Sariah and Alex are chosen to join Jedi Academy!!!! Sariah decides to bow to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone!!!!!Related articlesGalactic Offerings Await You at The Star Trader at Disneyland Resort ( … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Senior Class Trips?


Hey there guys and gals.. It's me again, Anonymouse! Chip has unlocked my account and the lawyers have given me the green light to be able to write again!Today's gossip comes to us directly from Disney so I think I am safe.The Disney Grad Nite Facebook page was asking it's fans to pick out a new logo and dropped some juicy details.Disney Senior Class Trips will be a special priced ticket at the Walt Disney World Resort, Florida just for senior class trips.We will have much … [Read more...]

Why We Love Disney’s Epcot Resorts

When people ask me which of Disney’s many resorts is my favorite I usually have a hard time answering because I love so many of them….for different reasons. At certain times of the year like during the Christmas season, Wilderness Lodge can’t be beat. When I want someplace peaceful, quiet and serene, with amazing art and design…and animals….I tend to vote for Animal Kingdom Lodge. If I’m wishing for a Caribbean vacation without actually visiting the Caribbean, then I tend to lean towards the … [Read more...]

Birthdays at Walt Disney World: Let the Fun Begin!

The Fantasyland Woodwind Society playing Happy Birthday

We love taking our vacation trips during Sophie’s birthday!  There is so much to enjoy at Disney when you are visiting for your birthday, for us it is a no-brainer to book our vacation during that time of the year!  For this post, I’m going to go into some of the special touches that Disney puts on to help you celebrate your birthday right!First of all, I have found it a key point to make sure that Disney knows that you are celebrating a birthday when you check-in.  In fact, I have made sure … [Read more...]