Is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort For You?


When you arrive at Walt Disney World and approach Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort for the first time it's difficult to believe that you are in central Florida as opposed to a beautiful woodland setting in the far northern part of the United States. The setting itself is gorgeous and it is matched by the beauty and splendor of the resort. It is one of Walt Disney World's best themed resorts and a favorite of thousands of regular visitors, in fact, many visitors to this resort simply will not … [Read more...]

Disney World Restaurant Changes – Enchanted Grove Name Change & Sleepy Hollow New Menu


Unless you're an amateur park historian or a Cheshire cat fan, you might not even notice it, but the Enchanted Grove, located across from Cosmic Ray's in the Magic Kingdom, just got a name change. Now you can get your sodas and snacks at the Cheshire Cafe.  They kept the old menu but increased the price of lemonade, strawberry punch, iced coffee and smart water. Finally they are still sponsored by Minute Maid so you can still expect that fresh squeezed goodness.Also in Disney World Resturant … [Read more...]

Can you meet Rapunzel at Walt Disney World?


Everybody wants to get a little face time with Disney's newest Princess! If you are heading to Walt Disney World in the near future you just might have your chance. (photo credit Christie Gera)For those of us who were lucky enough to have met "Punzie" AND Flynn Ryder at the same time you will remember a time of coloring, mini-show from Rapunzel and Flynn, dancing, and THEN a meet and greet. Oh, and you also likely remember that LONG LONG line to meet them.  However, when Flynn went on the … [Read more...]

Man arrested for peeping over restroom stall in Epcot


According to WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando, Lloyd Miller was arrested for returning to park property after being banned and peeping at women over a restroom stall in Epcot.A Walt Disney World Security investigator said he was discovered in a ladies restroom by a park guest. The victim, a Pennsylvania woman who is visiting Orlando with her husband and two young daughters, said she spotted Miller peeking over the top of a stall.An arrest affidavit states that Miller was, "ducking down below the … [Read more...]

Disney Souvenirs & Collectibles – Princess Wedding Dance Snowglobe


What is it? My favorite Disney souvenir is my Princess Wedding Dance Snowglobe from Walt Disney World in Florida.Why is it so special? The reason I treasure this snowglobe above all the others in my collection, and among all of my other Disney treasures, is because my mom purchased it as a gift for me during a very special trip. You see, my mom was the one who introduced me to Walt Disney World when I was a teen. My first trip was when I was 15 and my sister, Linda, was 17. Together with my … [Read more...]