Disney Food Blog Mini Guide to Epcot Food & Wine Festival

3D cover -- fwminiguide

Over here at Chip & Co we are huge fans of the Disney Food Blog! After all, one of our favorite Disney World past times is the eating! Unlike many other guidebooks, this e-book does not offer you generic advice that spans each year of the Food & Wine Fest.  Instead the Mini-Guide to 2011 Epcot Food & Wine Festival is specialized for this years events!The interactivity in this e-book is phenomenal! You can follow links to some great articles about the 2011 “Passport to a World of … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Special Event planned for Disney World 40th Anniversary

Hey there guys and gals your friendly neighborhood Disney Gossip Columnist Anonymouse here!I hope everyone had a great weekend. A little birdy told me Chip has only 4 more days till Disney World. I also hear he is going to be doing a Meet n Greet while visiting the parks. Why anyone would want to meet him is beyond me. I hear he is really short and always talks about attending a gun show. I think he tries to draw attention from his shortness by having big arms.So today's gossip is … [Read more...]

Disney World Refurbishment Schedule October 2011

Refurbishment/closure information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to visiting. Updated information is available at the Disney World Website.CurrentThe Lunching Pad (Magic Kingdom) closed through 9/16/11 for refurbishment. Sturdy Branches Health Club (Wilderness Lodge) closed through 9/16/11. Guests can use the health club at the Contemporary Resort. Muscles & Bustles Health Club (Boardwalk Resort) closed through 9/17/11. Guests can use the … [Read more...]

Attention All Pirates! It’s Here at Walt Disney World Resort

Who could resist a Pirate Adventure prepared for you in your Walt Disney World resort room by none other than Captain Jack Sparrow? Here’s the inside scoop. The story behind this experience is that our beloved captain was chased by a band of pirates and ducked into your resort room to hide his treasure. The Pirate Code states the treasure shall be yours if you can solve the riddles he left behind and find the key to unlock his treasure chest. Then the treasure chest will be yours to do with … [Read more...]

New Walt Disney World Pro a Top Walt Disney World iPhone App according to USATODAY

WDW Pro Home Screen

TimeStream Software reports its new “Walt Disney World Pro” app for the iPhone and iPod touch has been recognized by the country’s leading newspaper as a Top 3 Walt Disney World iPhone app.Cited as "Impressive, particularly comprehensive, and well organized", the new "Walt Disney World Pro" app for the iPhone and iPod touch is recognized by USATODAY as containing "...wait times for rides, photos, detailed maps with icons, restaurant lists, hours for parades and fireworks, ride descriptions, … [Read more...]