Disney Confidential – Test Track Closing

Hey there guys and gals. Anonymouse here!I have some juicy gossip today. I really love Disney World gossip, don't ask me why. Maybe it is because I love stirring the pot, or I like ticking off Chip. Whatever the reason the word on the street is that they are going to be closing Epcot's Test Track.Test Track is scheduled to close for refurbishment starting in January 2012!!!The new attraction will have a different name, still be sponsored by The US Government General Motors , and be … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Fantasmic Closing?


Hey there guys and gals Anonymouse here!I have some interesting Parks News again! In case you missed my article about Test Track Closing earlier this week its right here. On the heels of that gossip I bring wine gifts of new Disney Closure Gossip.Writers for the website WDW Magic made an interesting discovery yesterday:   While schedules for  January have been over for two weeks, Fantasmic isn't listed on the schedule at all.Does this mean something as simple as routine maintenance … [Read more...]

New Local Artists Featured at Downtown Disney

We’re in the middle of the Disney Soundsational Summer here at the Disneyland Resort – and speaking of sound, there are some new featured artists performing evenings this summer at the Downtown Disney District.C.G. Ryche is a rhythmic drummer with a multicultural approach that appeals to a very diverse audience – all ages and tastes find his show captivating. A unique addition to the Downtown Disney schedule of performers, C.G. has an energy and style that truly sets him … [Read more...]

Teens Take on visiting Walt Disney World

teen at Walt Disney World

Is your teen ready to go it alone at Walt Disney World Resort? Small children see the Parks through pixie dusted lenses. Everything is magical and memorable and perfect. As they age, though, a little of that pixie dust wears off. A Disney trip may still be fun, but tagging along with Mom and Dad and little siblings can be a drag.The teenagers I know keep their love of The Most Magical Place on Earth alive by stepping out on their own. They taste some independence, and they discover the … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Where are the discounts?

We've been hearing this a lot lately, so when Chip and Co reader Amy asked this question on the Facebook page, I thought I'd answer it here where everyone can see it: Any word from Disney about discounts in the fall-winter time. I have stayed on property at Pop Century except when I worked for Hilton. If they are not going to offer discounts how can anyone afford to stay on property on the average persons salary. We also hoped to hear something about discounts for fall by now. Last year, free … [Read more...]