Secret to enjoy a rainy day in Disney with your Toddler

Soaked after a day in the rain!

I am often asked "What happens if it rains?"  "What is there to do in Disney?"  The great thing about Disney is that there are many options for rainy days.  Your family could shop till you drop at Downtown Disney, visit Disney Quest, open up your umbrella and only visit the shows and rides that are indoors such as Mickey's Philharmagicin the Magic Kingdom, take a break and a much-needed nap in your hotel room, or even visit a few of the Disney resorts (they are especially beautiful during the … [Read more...]

Epcot’s 30th Anniversary Event Schedule

Epcot's 30th Anniversary Event is upon us and everyone is excited to celebrate at Walt Disney World Resort on October 1. Epcot has on schedule a few special events to help honor and celebrate this landmark event!Included in park admission on October 1st is special history presentations in the World Showplace that are hosted by D23: The Official Disney Fan Club. There is limited seating though so be prepared to get their early as these events will be very popular to all Disney park guests … [Read more...]

Take a day off – Try a Bike Rental at Disney World

This is C&C writer, Jodi, enjoying a surrey bike with her family!

 There is so much to do outside the theme park turnstiles at Walt Disney World.  In this series I am going to highlight some of these awesome activities! If you have not already, feel free to check out my other articles in this series showcasing  archery and boat rentals.Today I am going to talk to you about renting bikes. Biking at Disney World is a fun and affordable way to see the sights and relax a little bit. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of biking, but I do enjoy it at … [Read more...]

Final Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour Makes Special Flyover at Walt Disney World


In a place where fairies fly, Space Shuttle Endeavour made a "ferry flight" today, mounted atop a NASA-modified 747 airliner. The historic flight took place in the early morning hours and was a space-explorer surprise for early-rising guests across Walt Disney World Resort. As part of its flight path, Endeavour soared over the Magic Kingdom Park and could be seen from various points across property. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things To Take Into The Parks For Hot Days


Last year I took my son to Walt Disney World in late September.  I was looking forward to lower crowds due to school being in session and cooler weather during a "fall month."  I was right only about one of those things the lower crowds.  I honestly believe the week we were there in September was hotter than the week I spent there in July!After thinking about being in Walt Disney World during a hot period, here is a list of  5 things we like to bring into the parks now when we know its going … [Read more...]