Do You Speak the Disney’s Language?


The world of Walt Disney entertainment is so unique it requires its own language. Some words originated directly from Walt and his Imagineers. Others, it seems, have grown into their own Disneyness and have acquired new meanings along the way.Attraction = a theme park ride or show Audio animatronics = realistic robotics that bring 3-D effect to an Attraction Automagic = play on automatic; the Disney way of making things magically happen Backstage = a park area not accessible to … [Read more...]

Disney to Raise Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

According to WDW Magic, ticket prices will soon be increasing at the Walt Disney World Resort. One day tickets could increase from the current price of $85 to $89. Prices for Anual Passes will likely increase as well. Disney has already increased the price of the Premier Passport, which allows you to visit both Disneyland and Walt Disney World from $749 to $849.This news comes on the heels of price increases at the Disneyland Resort. There was an increase in all regular and park hopper … [Read more...]

Pixar’s Brave Merida Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom Park


Merida, the adventurous heroine from Disney•Pixar’s upcoming feature film, “Brave,” has begun making special appearances at Fairytale Garden in Magic Kingdom Park. In this setting, young guests are invited to engage in archery practice and other activities, in addition to meeting Merida and mischievous bear cubs from the film. Take a look.My little boys can hardly wait to see “Brave,” and they’re definitely going to want to meet Merida. They’re excited to try out the bows and arrows, and … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Best Rides and Attractions to Nurse or Bottle Feed your Little Ones

I know what your thinking this is a funny subject coming from a guy. But I am no stranger to poopy diapers or feeding little ones. While visiting the parks with little ones can be challenging there are some little tricks my wife and I have learned to help make our vacations enjoyable for our little ones when they were still nursing or on the bottle.Its funny our oldest daughter was only breast fed for 4 months before going to a bottle and our youngest who is now 1 will only take the breast … [Read more...]

Five Rides for Little Guys (and girls) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

 Disney's Hollywood Studios is easily one of our favorite parks.  It's full of shows, and "relaxing" attractions.  We work a day in at Hollywood Studios in the middle of our trip because it's an easy park to get through, and there are attractions here that are super fun to do over and over again.  Today, I wanted to share with you five attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios that make for tons of fun for little ones.1.  Toy Story Mania.  Although this attraction can have a … [Read more...]