Disney World Gets Even Tougher on Selfie Sticks

No selfie sticks

Not that long ago we told you about Disney World cracking down on the use of Selfie Sticks on the rides. Well, they have taken it a step further, there are now a sign posted outside of Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. There are similar signs posted outside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain at Disneyland as well.Disney has had to stop the ride because people are not following the rules. These Selfie Sticks can extend up to 30 feet. You can bring the Selfie … [Read more...]

24-hours of Fun for Little Ones at Walt Disney World

Mickey Bar

As the mother of a young child, at first I shied away from the 24 hour event, thinking it wasn't a natural fit, but there are actually a lot of activities during the 24-hour kickoff to the Coolest Summer Ever at Magic Kingdom Park that are perfect for little ones. I don't know about you, but my little one thinks 5:00am is a perfectly acceptable wake-up time - why not take advantage of that at Walt Disney World. So, next Friday, May 22, when they’re up before the sun, you can bring them to Summer … [Read more...]

“Coolest Summer Ever” Shirt and Cupcake Coming to the WDW 24 Hour Event

24 hour event shirt

Finally, we get some news on the special merchandise and food for the WDW 24 hour event. Pictured above is "Coolest Summer Ever" commemorative T-Shirt that you can find at the Emporium, or if you can't be there you can order it online from May 22 to the 31st. This shirt is even cooler than most because the ink changes colors when it is exposed to sunlight. How cools is that?Last, but certainly not least there will also be a special cupcake. I know where I will stop first when I get to the 24 … [Read more...]

2015 Disney World Attraction/Ride Closures and Refurbishments


Here is the list of Disney World Attraction/Ride Refurbishments and Closures for 2015-2016 that we know of. As always, please visit the Disney World website for more information.EpcotMaelstrom is closed for Frozen Refurb. No completion date announced.Magic KingdomLiberty Square Riverboat- Closed  8/4/2015- 8/10/2015 Dream Along with Mickey- Closed 7/19/2015- 8/22/2015 Liberty Tree Tavern- Closed 7/6/2015- 11/19/2015 Pirates of the Caribbean -Closed 6/8/2015- … [Read more...]

Disney Honors the Top VoluntEARS of 2015

Disney Voluntears of the year

Mickey Mouse has been surprising and recognizing special groups of Cast Members from Walt Disney World Resort for their community service efforts in Central Florida last year. To recognize those efforts, Disney honored the top 2015 VoluntEARS of the Year.“Our VoluntEARS are the heart and soul of Disney in the community,” said Nancy Gidusko, director of Corporate Citizenship for Walt Disney World Resort. “Their passion and dedication to nonprofit groups continues to improve the lives of … [Read more...]