Don’t Let The Weather “Rain On Your Parade” at Disney World


The ugly truth is that there are some things that can ruin even a vacation to the happiest place on earth - Walt Disney World. One of those potential hazards is the weather, specifically RAIN - but luckily, there are ways to prevent the rain from messing up your day. Especially when Tropical Storm Andrea is out in the Gulf.Fist things first - Pack For The Weather - That means coming prepared for rain by bringing ponchos for everyone, extra socks, assorted sized ziploc baggies and grocery … [Read more...]

Disney’s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour


We all know that Walt Disney loved train and he even used them as part of the transportation around some of his parks. They play an important part of Walt Disney World and you can go behind the scenes and see how in this fun-filled (and fact filled) foray into the fascinating world of steam trains and their role at the Magic Kingdom Park.Loco About Locomotives?Join Disney’s railroad engineers before the park opens for a behind-the-scenes look at how they keep things chugging along.On … [Read more...]

Top 10 Attractions with the Shortest Lines at Disney World


Memorial Day officially kicks off summer! Kids are on summer vacation, the temperatures are rising, people are filling up their pools, and families are going on vacation. Therefore, Disney World is a crowded place to be! If you're visiting Disney World during the summer, you're probably wondering how can I experience attractions without waiting and waiting? Is there anything that has a short line? Yes, there is! Disney World actually has many attractions that offer short waits almost all of the … [Read more...]

Adventures By Disney 2014 Itineraries


Adventures by Disney has released their 2014 Itineraries. These adventures are truly first class and beyond for your families travels. If you want to get into the true local history, culture and be submerged within the local customs, then Adventures By Disney is the way you want to tour these destinations.Adventures By Disney is adding a 9 Day, 8 Night Vacation Tour to Central Europe. Travel away from the usual tourist locations and go in depth in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. All … [Read more...]

Should I Rent A Car For My WDW Vacation?


 The question of "should I rent a car?" is a big one when it comes to planning out your Walt Disney World vacation, and before you can answer it, you might want to ask yourself these questions:Will You Visit The World Outside of WDW? There is PLENTY to do at Walt Disney World, but if you decide you want to venture off property, then you will be rewarded with many many more entertainment and dining options, many people choose to travel to beaches, Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space … [Read more...]