Updated Disneyland Refurbishment Calendar September 2015

With the news of Season of the Force coming to Disneyland this fall, we've also received some news on attraction closures. Here's our updated refurbishment calendar for Disneyland:Disneyland ParkInnoventions: Now-10/1/15 Autopia Fastpass Booth: Now-1/1/17 Tomorrowland Theater: Now-12/2/15 Pirates of the Caribbean: Now-9/30/15 it's a small world: 10/20/15-11/6/15The following attractions will be closed beginning 1/11/16 with an unknown re-opening date:Disneyland Railroad … [Read more...]

“Pirates of the Caribbean” at Disney World has Reopened

The long awaited reopening of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" will be here very soon! As soon as today!  That is right, the very popular attraction has reopened and is very much improved.It has been closed since early May for a lengthy refurbishment. There were some changes to the Pirates. The boats have been improved, they are supposed to be taking in less water and I believe handlebars have been added as well. Some other minor changes here and there too.Check it out:Have you … [Read more...]

Why Walt Disney World is Better Than Disneyland

When it comes time to decide where my next Disney Vacation is going to be, I often think about doing Disneyland, or maybe a Disney Cruise. But, in the end, Walt Disney World in Florida always wins! It will forever be my "home" Park. I often see the Disney Addicts arguing over which Park is better. Disneyland lovers will say "their Park" is better because it was first, or because it is smaller. But we all know when it comes to Disney, bigger is always better!  I am here to set the record … [Read more...]

Best FastPass+ Options at Epcot

Next up on my FastPass series – Skip it or Book it – I’m covering Epcot, here is the Magic Kingdom in case you missed it. With Future World and the World Showcase, Epcot can easily be a two-day park. But, if you use your FastPass+ choice wisely, you can cover the most ground and see it all without waiting in too many lines. Epcot Book ItSoarin’If 75+ minutes of waiting in line isn’t your idea of a good time, then definitely book a FastPass for Soarin’. This extremely popular (and for … [Read more...]

Best FastPass+ Options at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hello Disney Parks fans! My Walt Disney World Vacation is coming up in just over 45 days!!! I am so excited and I cannot wait to be walking right down the middle of Main Street USA. Of course, I have already booked my FastPass+ options. No, I didn’t stay up until midnight waiting for my reservation options to open up. I woke up at 6am instead.People ask me all the time what FastPass+ options are the best and what options that should skip out on and take their chances at the park with. I … [Read more...]

Top 10 Outdoor Rides in Walt Disney World

No matter the time of year Florida is a beautiful place to visit. It was the reason for Walt Disney's choice of location for his second park. I don't know about you but when I am heading to Disney World I don't only look forward to the characters, parades and food- I look forward to catching some rays as I enjoy the day! I want to be outside when I can and enjoy that sun. As a follow-up to my Top 10 Indoor Rides, here are my Top 10 Outdoor favorites!1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, MK- One … [Read more...]

Keep an Eye out for SeaWorld Orlando’s Newest Roller Coaster “Mako” on the Highway

 The first piece of SeaWorld Orlando’s new 200-foot-tall hypercoaster surfaced today. It is traveling from the production facility in Ohio to its new home in Orlando. Mako will be Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster, and will reach speeds of 73 mph along 4,760 feet of steel track when it opens in summer 2016.Over the next week, the giant piece of deep indigo and ocean blue coaster track will journey on an open flatbed semi-truck nearly 1,000 miles to its … [Read more...]

Universal Orlando-Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurbishment Begins September 8, 2015!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is closing for some major enhancements and refurbishment work this Fall. This is one announcement that has me very upset and happy all at the same time. Universal Orlando announced that the popular ride The Incredible Hulk Coaster will be closing on September 8th for a lengthy refurbishment and will reopen in the summer of 2016. This is where the sad part comes in…..I’ll be visiting Universal Orlando at the END of September which means I’ll miss riding one of my … [Read more...]

How Do You Get Picked for the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular?

How do you get picked as an extra for the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular?Excellent question! The answer is that there is no definitive way to get picked. You can definitely do things to help though. First, I would suggest you get there early and get as close as possible to the front. Second, wear something bright or distinctive. The last time I was in Disney World there were two different gentlemen picked wearing colorful and unique Hawaiian-type shirts. Three, If you happen to see a Cast … [Read more...]

Construction on Avatar Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is Moving Full Speed Ahead

Behind the construction walls in the former Camp Minnie/Mickey area between Oasis and Africa sections of Disney's Animal Kingdom lies the skeletal shape of one of the buildings of the future Avatar Land.  Originally the site for a land of mythical and legendary creatures that was never built, Avatar Land will instead be home to dragons, unicorns and blue skinned Na'vi people along with bioluminescent trees straight from the 2009 movie.Taking over the area where the Festival of the Lion King … [Read more...]