Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Arrive at Rope Drop

Some of you may be asking yourself, "Rope drop? What's that?" Well, Rope Drop is term used to refer to the official opening of a Disney park; and many Disney regulars strongly encourage Disney guests to be at the gate at this time of day for this event.But why? Is it really worth getting up that early and battling the packed turnstiles? With Disney's free FastPass system, is it really necessary?I believe that the answer is yes! Here are my Top 5 reasons why!5. Peak Season Crowds - … [Read more...]

Disney Character Spots – What A Great Idea!

Characters Us Mickey

When I was young, my dad spent large amounts of time planning our Walt Disney World trips, and a huge part of that was finding out where characters would be and then planning our days around that (and this was back before the internet, so it was no small task!). Nowadays, Disney has made it easy to find your favorite characters, with their character spots – one in the Magic Kingdom, and another in Epcot, where the same characters appear daily for autographs, hugs, and photos with their many … [Read more...]

Canoe Racers Keep Disney Tradition Alive


Olympians or not, more than 800 Cast Members on 75 teams paddled their hearts out in the recent Canoe Races of the World event–commonly referred to as C.R.O.W–in Magic Kingdom.Surrounding Tom Sawyer’s Island on the Rivers of America, the racers started near Country Bears Jamboree, passing by Big Thunder Mountain and Haunted Mansion,  rounding the corner near Liberty Square’s Riverboat to the finish line.The annual two-week event began at Walt Disney World in 1973 after the tradition was … [Read more...]

Your Preschooler won’t Remember their Disney Vacation… Or Will They???

Snow White in Germany

There's often the debate about whether or not parents should take their toddler or young child to Walt Disney World since the child may never remember the vacation.  Well, as an adult, I can't be the one to convince you that toddlers do remember their Disney vacations... so let's ask the experts - PRESCHOOLERS!  Here's what they had to say about their vacation to Walt Disney World... … [Read more...]

Cast Members ‘Encore’ Perform Finding Wonderland Show for Charity


In 2002, a few Walt Disney World Cast Members sharing a passion for artistic expression and a desire to help local charities came together to create magic in a special way — producing cabaret-style productions of Broadway standards.Today, this group of Cast Members, aptly named Encore! Cast Performing Arts, has morphed into one of the largest Cast clubs, boasting more than 500 performers from a variety of backgrounds and from all areas of the Walt Disney World Resort. In addition, more than … [Read more...]