Disney Confidential – What May be Coming to Epcot… Is It a New Meet and Greet Area?

 Here there guys and gals Anonymouse here. I have some juicy gossip for you on this Sunday Morning.A new meet and greet may be coming to EPCOT (okay it is) according to the recently filed construction permits. Disney has not yet confirmed or commented on the addition of what is described as "Epcot - Front of Park meet and greet" in the permit (but they will).I can only imagine the characters we can plan on seeing...if they use the building that housed the kennel you may see … [Read more...]

No Kids? No Problem! A Character Guide For Adults


Disney World is a great place to vacation for those of all ages, and I personally very much enjoy traveling there in an all adult party. Characters are one of those things that a lot of people think are just for kids, but I know plenty of adults who love getting a hug from Minnie or having their picture taken with Goofy (myself included!). So don't be shy, get out there and hug some characters! And follow these tips while you're at it:Character Meeting Tips For All Adult Parties:Plan … [Read more...]

United Way Campaign Gets Help from Disney World Cast Members


As the largest corporate contributor to Heart of Florida United Way (HFUW), Walt Disney World Resort often gets attention for its generous charitable giving–our Cast Members donate nearly $3 million annually to the organization and we serve as the host and sponsor of the annual Chef’s Gala event.What is lesser known but just as important is that Walt Disney World Resort also annually makes a valuable annual in-kind contribution to HFUW by loaning Cast Members to assist the agency for three … [Read more...]

Agent P vs Kim Possible Was change really needed?


Recently Epcot replaced the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventurewith Agent P's World Showcase Adventure. If you ask my daughter the question, "Was change really needed?" She would say a very strong no. She loved Kim and dressed up as her for a Halloween and never missed an episode.I remember hearing a while back that Disney was going to try to appeal to more boys then they have in the past, I would say they accomplished this with the new Agent P World Showcase Adventure.Some of you with … [Read more...]

A few tips for enjoying a nice sit down meal with your kids

John loved meeting Pluto

I love the Disney Dining Plan. I know that some people love it and others not so much, but for my family we really enjoy it.  I am able to book meals in advance, there usually isn't too much of a wait when checking in, and the food is DELICIOUS!  The problem is (he really isn't a problem) my 2-year-old!  He is an incredibly active child, he is always on the go, he runs and doesn't walk, sitting for 5 minutes is like sitting for 5 hours to him.  We ran into our fair share of problems while … [Read more...]