Celebrate the Fourth at Disney World!

Fireworks in back of Cinderella castle

Disney World does the holidays like no one else! This will be my first 4th of July at Disney World and I am so excited! If you will be attending the festivities, here are the events that are going on around the parks.Fireworks:Magic KingdomThey will be on July 3rd and the 4th, at 9:00 pm. The amazing show is called ”Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky”.Don't forget about the Flag Retreat. It happens everyday at 5:00 pm. However, It is a little more … [Read more...]

A “Frozen” Ride Might be a Reality at Walt Disney World


Hiya! I have some BIG "Frozen" gossip for you!! You know you missed me, just admit it? I missed all of you too. Well, all except Chippy of course.Let's get down to business. I know we have a lot of "Frozen" fans out there. There has been a lot of speculation about a "Frozen" ride replacing the Maelstrom ride in Norway at Epcot. Well I have it on very good authority that this is becoming a reality. A little birdie told me that some Imagineers have been riding the Maelstrom ride a lot lately, … [Read more...]

Frozen Baby Names Gaining in Popularity


I think we all saw this coming. People love "Frozen" so naturally people fall in love with the name of their favorite character. So needless to say Elsa and Anna are gaining popularity, in the baby name realm for the girls. Elsa is the most popular so far. Elsa ranked 234 last year and now it is ranking 183. Anna is not to far behind, with a ranking of 35 this year. Anna was already fairly popular, it ranked 37 last year.This usually happens with very popular movies. In a way I can … [Read more...]

Disney World News & Events roundup for June 20th 2014


New things are always popping up  at the Walt Disney World Resort!  Join us for this week's edition of  "What's New" at Disney  World.  This week features Fastpass+ updates, several Disney special events, and a bunch of operational … [Read more...]

Is Disney working on Incredibles 2?


 Hiya!! Well I am back again. I have been a busy little bee this week. Could someone please tell Chippy to get off my back and he will get the gossip when I give it to him! So I have some more juicy gossip for you. It has recently been brought to my attention that The Incredibles will be getting a sequel.Sources say that Bob Iger had said this at the last investors meeting. Apparently it is in the works right now, as I type this!Brad Bird will still be the director. Even though … [Read more...]

Create pixie dust in the Disney Parks, pay it forward.

If you have older kids like me, or if you are a group of adults going on your own trip - consider this story of mine:I am walking down Main Street USA with my then 5 year old daughter dressed in a dress-up box make-shift princess gown -  when all of a sudden, two VERY cool and older teenage girls very shyly tap me on the shoulder.  The exchange goes like this:Older girl:  "Um, excuse me ma'am (they were very polite).   If it wouldn't bother or interrupt you and your princess too much, … [Read more...]

Take a look at the Pixar Custom Character Cars at the Walt Disney World Speedway

Pixar Custom Cars

We recently told you about some awesome new Piston Cup Racers, Aiken Axler & Sage VanDerSpin.  They will be debuted at Car Masters Weekend at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. We have some new pics of the custom cars that will be at the Walt Disney World Speedway. Check them out and let us know what you think:Cute right?Both of these will be used in the new Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along program for the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Which begin this … [Read more...]

2014 Disney Fall Events and Specials for Walt Disney World


From Labor Day to Thanksgiving there’s always a bountiful selection of festive delights at Walt Disney World Resort that is sure to satisfy all tastes. With an art show, sporting events, annual holiday parties, concerts and international food fest, the Vacation Kingdom is the place to celebrate the golden days of the harvest season.The exciting lineup this fall kicks off on September 1 with the popular Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party offering three extra nights of happy haunts. Check … [Read more...]

New “Frozen” Pre-Parade Opens at Disneyland

Anna and Elsa

I am sure you know that there have been very long waits to meet Anna and Elsa. Disneyland has decided to make it a little easier on the guests who want to catch a glimpse of the 'Frozen' sisters.Before the Mickey Soundsational Parade there will be a 'Frozen' pre-parade. Elsa and Anna will, along with an animated Olaf, stand on top of 'Frozen' themed float. There will be an instrumental version of 'Let it Go' playing and they will encourage parade watchers to sing along.So it's not a … [Read more...]

Anna and Kristoff will Join The “Once Upon a Time” Cast

Frozen is Coming to Once Upon a Time

Big News, if you are a "Once Upon a Time" fan and you watched the season finale then you know the incredible ending. I will admit I gasped when I figured out it was Elsa! Naturally the next questions are what about Anna and the others? Well Anna and Kristoff will be joining Elsa next season.I hope at some point they incorporate a CGI Olaf. That would be adorable.They are currently casting for these parts now. The Elsa that we saw for a minute in the finale is not the person who will be … [Read more...]