Tron Fans are excited about Tron 3


Walt Disney Pictures has given the thumbs up for a new Tron movie which starts filming in the Vancouver area in the Fall.  There is not much information yet, but we do know that the role of Sam Flynn will be played by Garrett Hedlund and that Director Joseph Kosinski is on board.Tron 3 would have to include Olivia Wilde and Bruce Boxleitner if it continues where Tron:  Legacy left off but what about Jeff Bridges?    Rumor has it that Kosinski is talking about a whole new take on Tron 3 and … [Read more...]

New Trailer for Disney’s Inside out movie

Joy - inside Out

Walt Disney Pictures * Pixar Studios is sharing a new trailer from their upcoming movie "Inside Out"   Ellen DeGeneres hosted guests Amy Poehler and Bill Hader today on her daytime show.  Visit or EllenTV to see what they had to say.    Amy and Bill talked about the opportunity of working together again.   Bill said he is a Pixar "nerd" and took a tour of Pixar Studios.  During the tour, he met director, Pete Docter , during a story meeting and it resulted in the offer to play … [Read more...]

Star Wars announces the first gay character!


Star Wars Universe has welcomed the first gay character in the new upcoming novel  "Lords of the Sith".   Moff Mors joins the force as a capable but flawed Imperial official who "also happens to be a lesbian."  This is the first gay figure approved by Disney according to Shelly Shapiro who is the editor of "Star Wars" books at Random House.    Although the book series and some of the video games have had gay relationships, this is the first "official" gay "Star Wars" world character. Star … [Read more...]

Mickey’s Typing Adventure Launches Web Experience

Mickey's typing adventure

Children are taught to type online with Mickey Mouse and friends. They get to be the hero and rescue some of their favorite Disney characters from a mysterious enchantment. As kids learn to type, the “magic”in their keyboards frees Mickey’s friends from the spell. This educational game is full of entertainment, exciting games, motivating rewards—and lots of fun!MotivatingMagical adventure theme Rewards and pointsEducational11 typing courses Supports Common … [Read more...]

New Art gives us a peek at Zootopia


The new artwork above gives us a peek into the world of Zootopia.  Coming to theatres in March 2016, Zootopia is a modern city with neighborhoods like Sahara Square and Tundratown.  Zootopia's police force is full of big, tough animals until the first bunny,  Officer Judy Hopps joins the force. Teaming up with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), the fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Officer Hopps, must solve a mystery that will clear Wilde's name and allow her to find her spot on the team.Zootopia, a … [Read more...]