Disney Quick Tips – Create Unusual Magic for your Kids at Disney


You don't have to wait for a Cast Member or character like the Fairy Godmother or Tink to create magic for your kids.  Here are a couple of really cool ways that you can surprise your kids with some magic of your own!There are 2 shows/rides at Disney that can present an opportunity for you to surprise your kids with some real Disney Magic.The first is Mickey's Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom.  In the movie, a ruby appears in 3D fashion.  If you are sitting next to your child, pretend … [Read more...]

A Look inside the New Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom


This week the newest expansion to the Fantasyland opened for families of princess and princes.  This experience is the Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom.  The Princess Fairytale Hall is a Princess meet and greet location.  There are two separate lines.  One line to meet Cinderella and another Disney Princess and another line to meet Rapunzel and another Disney Princess.  During our visit, we got to meet Cinderella and Aurora and then Rapunzel and Snow White.  You can wait in the regular … [Read more...]

Princess Fairytale Hall Opens in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park


Great news the grand opening of the Princess Fairytale Hall is finally here!The new character greeting location for Cinderella and Rapunzel (as well as their princess friends) officially opened its doors earlier this morning. According to the hall’s storyline, Princess Fairytale Hall is a gift from the King to Cinderella, and acts as a place where she and other princesses can greet subjects. Here, guests can choose to meet either Cinderella and a visiting princess, or Rapunzel and a visiting … [Read more...]

Dreams Come True at Princess Fairytale Hall


Disney royalty becomes reality in the all new and redesigned Princess Fairytale Hall. Magic Kingdom guests get to live out their royal dreams of meeting a real Disney princess.Opening to royal subjects Sept. 18, the enchanting new home to Cinderella, Rapunzel and the princesses who visit them is fit for royalty with  purple and gold trimmings, stone walls and ornate chandeliers.Princess Fairytale Hall is located in the Castle Courtyard in the center of Fantasyland and is the latest … [Read more...]

Have a Magical First Disney Character Meet and Greet


Some children wait months, if not years to meet their favorite characters in person on a Disney vacation. The anticipation builds as the weeks pass and after watching the same Disney movies over and over again, the moment finally arrives to meet Winnie the Pooh. You have waited in line at the park for over 30 minutes for your meet and greet and now it's your turn. As you walk up to Pooh with your camera in hand... your child runs behind you and hides.Planning for that first meet and greet … [Read more...]