Disneyland Memorabilia sells for $1.7 Million


An anonymous Disneyland memorabilia collector placed a huge inventory on display at the Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California last month for viewing before this weekend's auction.   Close to 1,000 items were sold on Saturday, Feb. 28th and Sunday, March 1st,  bringing in $1.7 million from bids around the world.Sold for $153,400 and posted as the top seller was the 1970s animatronic Green Tiki Room bird.  While one of my favorites, 1967 Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton, holding a … [Read more...]

Snapshot of Upcoming Events at Walt Disney World


Spring is quickly approaching! Here is a "snapshot" of some awesome events coming up in March at the Walt Disney World Resort!March 2 – 8: Artist Greg McCullough returns this month with special appearances and signings at Art of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace, March 2 – 8 and 18 – 22. Stop by and find a new piece of art to add to your collection!March 4 – 8: Renowned international artist Larry Dotson is set to appear this month at Epcot. Find him, March 4 – 8 at Art of Disney … [Read more...]

Disney World to Introduce I.D. for Guests That Have Problems with Fingerprint Entry


Disney World is doing something about the people that have trouble getting into the park because the system fails to read their fingerprint properly.This new program is currently being tested at Animal Kingdom. What will happen if a guest fails to pass the fingerprint test, so to speak, they will be directed to guest services where they will setup a photo I.D. They will show I.D. and verify that they are in fact who they say they are. Then a picture will be taken and it will be associated … [Read more...]

Live Action Beauty and the Beast may have found its Gaston

Luke Evans

Negotiations are in the works for the casting of our resident villain, Gaston, in Disney's newest live-action production "Beauty and the Beast". Luke Evans has been in talks for the role. Fans of "Beauty and the Beast" will look forward to seeing how Evans might portray the evil Gaston who after unsuccessfully trying to win the love of Belle, rallies up the townfolk to "catch the beast".At this time, production which will not being until later this year, as "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson … [Read more...]

Hulu and Disney Junior team up for new adventures


Huge news for Disney fans young and old.   Hulu and Disney Junior have teamed up to bring us more Disney adventures as part of an exclusive agreement.    Coming this spring, the Doc McStuffins series will be the first to start off our Disney viewing on Hulu.  A favorite next to our Disney Channels, Hulu is at the top of our list for kid shows and now with Disney Junior coming on board, we will have access to favorites at home and on the road through our tablets and smartphones.Also coming … [Read more...]