The Marketplace Co-Op is Now Open in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort

Market Place Co op

I am very happy to announce that Marketplace Co-Op is now officially open in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort, but I am sure most of you know that by now.The beautiful new shop is next to Tren-D. Marketplace Co-Op will have 6 different boutiques inside 1 store. They will each have their own unique merchandise.Check out some of the offerings:Here is the breakdown of the 6 different boutiques:D-Tech on Demand – A place to make and customize your own electronic … [Read more...]

New “Cars” Coming to The Richard Petty Driving Experience

Piston Cup Ride Along

The Richard Petty Driving Experience has been pretty popular because people can release their inner speed demon and not worry about getting a ticket. Now there is something for the little speed demons in your life.Let me just say that I think this is so cute. There is a new Piston Cup Ride Along program for kids starting June 14. It is for ages 6 - 13 and they have to be at least 48 inches tall. Sage VanDerSpin and Aiken Axler will be the 'Cars' featured in the program.The price is … [Read more...]

New details emerge about ‘Pandora: The Land of Avatar’ Coming to Animal Kingdom


"It's going to have floating mountains. It's pretty cool," says Cameron of "Pandora: The Land of Avatar," which is going to be a new area. It is scheduled to open to the public at Disney World in 2017.The park name, which was unclear, came straight from James Cameron."It's a land within the park but a land is not just a ride. There will be several rides and a number of other attractions. It's really just a place you're gonna wanna go and hang out," the director said."It's gonna be … [Read more...]

‘Villains Unleashed’ Special Event Now Official


So Anonymouse was right! "Villains Unleashed" is now official. It will take place on August 23rd at Hollywood Studios. It will be a hard ticket event.There will be over 50 villains in one park!I suspect they are making it a hard ticket event in order to control the crowds, since last year I heard they had some crowd issues.Here are some details for the event: Oogie Boogie Variety Show - Oogie himself hosts a variety showVillains inspired food, drinks and … [Read more...]

TinkerBell’s Magical Nook Has a New Home at the Magic Kingdom

Tinkerbell at Disney World

Did you know Tinkerbell has moved to her new home at the Magic Kingdom? Now when you want to meet Tink and her fairy friends you can visit the new Garden Theater, which is a part of Town Square Theater on Main Street.You will really feel like you have shrunk down to fairy size when you enter Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook. Don't forget to take in the surroundings because you will see some of Tink's treasures from the mainland.Check out Tink:Now you can get a Fastpass+ for this. Meet … [Read more...]