Hong Kong Disneyland is Rolling in Profits for a Second Year in a Row

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland recently said it is rolling in the profits for a second straight year. They have plans to build a third hotel to help deal with the growing number of visitors. The new resort/hotel will add 750 rooms and is expected to open in early 2017.Hong Kong Disneyland has more than doubled its profit to $31 million (U.S. Dollars) last year.The park has been struggling since it opened in 2005. The low numbers were blamed on the parks small size. That all changed in 2012 when … [Read more...]

Shanghai Disneyland is Coming in 2015


Disney is continuing it's plan of World Domination with it's newest park opening in China. Shanghai Disneyland is slated to open in 2015 with a Magic Kingdom style park. Disney currently has International Parks (with partners or other owners) in Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong, China.Shanghai Disneyland will offer many of the authentic Disney features we love, as well as make sure the park honors the Chinese culture. While this park is designed specifically for the people of China, … [Read more...]

The Iron Man Experience is Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2016

Iron Man Hong Kong Poster

One of the greatest things about Disney is the treasure trove of characters and rich stories we have to draw upon for the immersive experiences they provide our guests around the world. With Marvel joining the Disney family in 2009, the character and story base grew even further, and the anticipation for how Marvel comes to life in the parks.Earlier today at Hong Kong Disneyland they announced that the very first Disney attraction based on a Marvel character experience will debut in Hong … [Read more...]

Marvel Headed to Hong Kong Disneyland

It looks like Marvel is aiming to officially land in the Marvel parks. There's been much rumor and speculation around just how, when, and which parks the Marvel characters would finally make their Disney debut, and now it looks as if we have our answer. Unfortunately, for the Disney fans in North America, it doesn't look like it's our time just yet to swing with Spider-Man, smash with the Hulk, or battle the Sentinels with the X-Men, because the heroes are headed to Hong Kong Disneyland. … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Company Finishes Fiscal 2012 With Record Revenue And Profit

 It was another year of record revenue and profit for The Walt Disney Company as the company showed improved attendance at it's theme parks, the debut of the Disney Fantasy to the Disney Cruise Line and gains with their ESPN television franchise as well as the success of the superhero megahit "The Avengers" (now the third highest-grossing movie of all time).Chairman and CEO Bob Iger summed up Disney's fiscal year 2012 as , "a great year for Disney by every measure — creatively, … [Read more...]