Tips & Tricks for Flying to Disney


Recently, I shared a post about "Packing Your Carry On Bag" for Walt Disney World. Then, I started thinking more about packing for Disney when you will be flying, like things to do when you arrive at the airport, airline info, and more. I felt I needed to expand a little more on the subject to help those getting ready to fly to Disney World for the first time or maybe those people who have flown many times.Here are a few additional thoughts on the subject:When you arrive at the airport, … [Read more...]

Disneyland’s Candy Canes is one Hot Holiday Commodity

A 35-year-old holiday tradition continues - hand-made candy canes at Disneyland!  As reported by the Disney Food Blog this year's candy canes will be made in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Over at Disneyland the holiday treats will be made at the renovated Candy Place while at DCA they will be made at Trolley Treats.One of the reasons the candy canes are so popular is because of the limited amount they make.  Before park opening wristbands are given away for each batch … [Read more...]

Worker Rescued From Disneyland’s Space Mountain Roof

A 37 year old man was hospitalized while he was injured cleaning the roof of Disneyland's Space Mountain.   Firefighters had to rescue the man and he was taken by ambulance to a hospital because of moderate injuries which included a broken left femur, broken right clavicle and a cut on his forehead.This is not the type of ride you want to take on Space Mountain...The injured man works for HSG, which is a maintenance company that was contracted by Disney to clean the roof.  He apparently … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World: Holiday Season Touring Plans E-Guide 2012

WDW Cover

I can not believe the 2012 Holiday Season is upon us and in addition to all the preparing and fun you do at your house, do you also pay attention to what is going on in the Mouse's House during the holiday season? This year in addition to wishing you were there walking down Main Street, USA with the carolers singing and the castle sparking you can relive it all in the "Walt Disney World: Holiday Season TouringPlans e-Guide 2012". The Disney theme parks are already decked out for Christmas, … [Read more...]

Disneyland refurbishment schedule December 2012

If your heading to Disneyland soon be sure to check out the Refurb/Closure list below. Refurbishment information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to visiting. Updated information is available on the Disneyland website. CurrentJumpin’ Jellyfish (DCA) has one tower closed through 11/22/12 for refurbishment. Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland) closed through 12/7/12 for refurbishment. Troubadour Tavern (Disneyland) closed through 5/22/13 for … [Read more...]