Main Street Maze


Disneyland has been repaving Main Street, which means lots of walls are up one day and down a few days later. These walls aren't exactly pleasing to the eye, but would you rather see a hole in the ground or the wall? Aside from the eyesore problem, they're somewhat tough to navigate around, especially when the park is closing or the mad rush of people leave right after the fireworks.Disneyland's got to do what they've got to do to keep up park maintenance. I give them props for truly caring … [Read more...]

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade to Debut in Summer at Disneyland


Along with Star Tours 2.0 and Little Mermaid being pushed back to June, the new parade at Disneyland will also make its way to the park in the summer. This news, along with the date push-backs, were announced on Inside the Magic's website.Mickey's Soundsational Parade will feature many performers and Disney characters making their way down Main Street while grooving to Disney tunes.I'm super excited for this parade, and I hope a lot of other people are, too!Photo courtesy of Disney … [Read more...]

Star Tours 2.0, Little Mermaid Delayed at Disneyland and California Adventure


I found this bit of news on Ricky Brigante's Inside the Magic website. You can read the original article here.The Little Mermaid dark ride, currently under construction at California Adventure, was supposed to have a spring opening date, but alas, it has been pushed back to June. No specific date has been announced.Across the way at Disneyland, work is being done on Star Tours. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (aka Star Tours 2.0) had an opening date of May 20, 2011, but that has also … [Read more...]

Family Fun Weekend Recap: Fiesta Weekend


Disneyland introduced their all new Family Fun Weekends, starting January 14 and continuing on through March 6. The festivities can be found at the Big Thunder Ranch festival arena. (I'm glad it's back there because then I get to pass the goats on the way. I love the goats.)The first weekend (January 14-16) was Fiesta Weekend. Characters like Mickey, Minnie and Donald were dressed in their fiesta best, and Mariachi Divas performed for the crowd. (If you've never seen them before, you can … [Read more...]

Disneyland Refurbishment Schedule February 2011

Refurbishment information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to visiting. Updated information is available here.CurrentGrizzly River Run (DCA) closed through 1/22/11 for refurbishment. Honey I Shrunk the Audience (Disneyland) closed through 1/28/11 due to the temporary return of Captain EO. Mulholland Madness (DCA) closed through 4/20/11 for conversion to Goofy's Fly School. Star Tours (Disneyland) closed through 5/20/11 for renovation and … [Read more...]