Disney Pic of the Day – Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank & GoofyHilary Swank takes her boyfriend (and longtime agent) John Campisi to meet Goofy outside Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle at Disneyland on Saturday (November 21) in Anaheim, Calif.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/11/21/hilary-swank-john-campisi-goofy-group/#ixzz0XdXL86R4 … [Read more...]

Big Grizzly Mountain coaster coming to Hong Kong Disneyland

The Big Grizzly Mountain roller coaster at Hong Kong Disneyland will take riders through an abandoned gold mine packed with dynamite and overrun by grizzly bears.Set to open as early as 2012, the runaway mine train ride is part of a nearly $500-million expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland that calls for the addition of three themed lands.Big Grizzly Mountain will serve as the centerpiece of the Grizzly Trail themed land, the Chinese park’s version of Frontierland. The new ride blends the … [Read more...]

Sneak peek: A scene-by-scene look at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor

Don't open that box Monkey!Mystic Manor takes visitors on a circa-1908 tour of an ancient artifact collection belonging to a world-renowned adventurer and explorer. Inside the Victorian home on a remote jungle hilltop, Lord Henry Mystic’s museum comes alive when his mischievous monkey opens an enchanted music box.Set to open as early as 2013, Mystic Manor is part of a nearly $500-million expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland that calls for the addition of three themed lands.Mystic … [Read more...]

Disney & Workers battle each other and H1N1

So I found 2 interesting articles one how Disney and it's workers are disputing over sick pay when some gets H1N1. Then the second article is the preventive measures Disney is taking to prevent H1N1 outbreaks.Local Disney Hotel workers say swine flu or not, they can't afford to call in sick, because they don't receive paid sick leave. There's a move in congress to require employers to grant paid sick leave in wake of the H1N1 pandemic. Al Naipo was at Disneyland, where workers staged a … [Read more...]

Its A Small World at Disneyland Resort

Great video detailing the making of the ride with Walt Disney, and they talk about the recent refurbishment of It's a small world ride at Disneyland Resort. … [Read more...]

Disney Fun Facts – For Die Hard Fans Only

Some interesting Fun Facts I found online about Walt Disney, DisneyWorld and DisneyLand. Some I have heard before others I had no clue...Be sure to share with us any others you may know in the comment section below.* The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at the Magic Kingdom for the Florida property was the last ride to be personally supervised by Walt Disney just prior to his death in 1966. It was his brother, Roy O. Disney, who personally continued overseeing the Florida project to … [Read more...]

Demi Lovato Taping the 2009 Disneyland Christmas Parade “Wonderful Christmas Time”

This is Demi Lovato singing "Wonderful Christmas Time" for the 2009 Disneyland Christmas Parade that will air on Christmas Day. … [Read more...]

Disney Pic of the Day – Demi Lovato @ Disneyland

Demi Lovato grabs onto Pluto’s antlers playfully as they take a break from taping the 2009 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade special for ABC at Disneyland on Monday afternoon (November 9) in Anaheim, Calif. For more pictures of Demi Lovato at the Christmas Day Parade click the picture above. … [Read more...]

Disneyland Resort Gives ‘Two Nights Free’ With Special Vacation Packages in Early 2010

Buy a 3-Night, 5-Day Park Hopper Package and Get 2 More Nights FreeTravelers will find more ways to celebrate the first half of 2010 with adventure, magic and special offers that make a family vacation even more affordable at the Disneyland Resort.From Jan. 5 through April 29, 2010, guests get two more nights free when they buy a three-night hotel package with a five-day special value Disneyland Resort Park Hopper ticket. For information, visit http://www.disneyland.comFor guests who … [Read more...]

Disney Pic of the Day – Selena Gomez Tapes the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

While the holiday season at the Disneyland Resort doesn’t officially start until November 13, Selena Gomez spread some holiday cheer at Disneyland park today.Selena will appear in the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade on ABC later this year and was seen taping a segment and playing with Stitch in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. … [Read more...]