Disney’s Prince of Persia is coming to BluRay/DVD in September

Great news! Disney's Prince of Persia Sands of Time is coming to Bluray & DVD on September 14th! The bluray is jam packed tons of bonus features:An Unseen World: Making Prince of Persia – A look behind the scenes on the set of the film 1-Disc BD Exclusive: Deleted Scene – The Banquet: Garsiv Presents Heads 3-Disc BD Exclusive: CineExplore: The Sands of Time – Take control of the dagger and use it to unlock secrets behind your favorite scenes! Turn back time and uncover over 40 … [Read more...]

Six arrested, accused of illegal theme park ticket sales

I hate having to report news stories like this. This article comes to us from the Orlando Sentinel.The Osceola County Sheriff's Office reported Monday that deputies have arrested six people accused of illegally reselling more than 2,000 theme park tickets worth $395,000.The agency conducted an undercover operation Saturday, checking theme park ticket booths along West U.S. Highway 192.What they found were five businesses that illegally resold tickets to Universal Studios, Walt … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Disney inspires Inception Movie idea through comicbook

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here delivering you the best in Disney Gossip. It seems the big news story going around the net today is about Disney & the Movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.In the comic the Beagle Boys invade Scrooge McDuck's dreams in attempts to learning the combination on his vault door. Then Donald Duck is sent into his uncle's dream to get the Beagle Boys out before Scrooge wakes up.Sound Familiar????It's all here in Disney Free Comics - Uncle … [Read more...]

Disneyworld to create new monorail job


Great news from Jason Garcia at the Orlando Sentinel.Walt Disney World plans to create a new position — and a higher pay scale — for the employees who direct the movements of its monorail trains.The new "central monorail controller" position will be responsible for overseeing traffic along the resort's 15-mile-long monorail network.Responsibility for train movement currently rotates among a broader group of monorail "coordinators," who also handle other duties, such as employee … [Read more...]

Disney & Touchtone Pictures “You Again” Coming September 24th


No matter how old you are, you never get over high school. YOU AGAIN is an outrageous comedy featuring an all-star female cast, including KRISTEN BELL, JAMIE LEE CURTIS, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, ODETTE YUSTMAN, KRISTIN CHENOWETH and BETTY WHITE.Kristen Bell stars as Marni, a successful PR pro who discovers that her brother is marrying her high school arch nemesis—and, to make matters worse, Marni’s mom recognizes the bride’s highfalutin aunt as her own high school rival.Here are some … [Read more...]