Tastes So Good-Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

There is no denying that almost every visitor to Walt Disney World will get a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar during their trip.  They are just so good!  The question is why?  Why do you start to crave these bars even as you make your reservation?The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar is available at all the parks, usually at an ice cream cart or snack kiosk.  The bar is made by Nestle and is a Mickey head shaped vanilla ice cream on a stick.  Coated in chocolate goodness.  Very similar to a Dove Bar … [Read more...]

Top 10 Free or Cheap things to do outside of Disney World


Many people think that Disney World is just the 4 parks, but there are many things to do outside of the parks that do not cost a lot and some are even free !Here is a list of a few of my recommendations of some free or cheap things to do outside of the parks, in no certain order.1) Visiting the many Disney resorts. Disney has over 20 resorts and each of them has a different theme, You can make a day of just going around and checking out all the different resorts. They are all beautifully … [Read more...]

10 Things things that you’re never “Too Old” for at Disney World


A lot of adults write off Walt Disney World as “kid’s stuff”…personally I think that is nuts! While I believe adults can find a lot of ‘grown up’ activities to keep them happy and busy, I also think that everyone should take the time to experience all of these at least once (if not over and over!):Spinning on the teacups as fast as you can (please note: adults AND kids should probably NOT eat right before attempting this!) Getting your picture taken with characters – adults may think it’s … [Read more...]

What to Eat When you Need Something Healthy at Disney

 It's actually really a good thing that there is so much walking to be done at Disney World. Between the cupcakes, cookies, rice krispy treats, burgers, nuggets, and mickey ice cream bars you will feel the need to join over eaters anonymous upon your arrival home.But, what if you just need something healthy?Here are a few options for you when you need to steer away from the junk food.1. Hummus with Pita Chips. You can get this at the Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The … [Read more...]

100 Disney VEGETARIAN Foods to Eat Before you Die Challenge

We had so many requests  for a Vegetarian Version of our World Famous 100 Disney Food to eat before you die that I had to get together with my vegetarian buddy Melissa and try to come up with a non meat version. Like the last list check the chart at the bottom to see where exactly you fall on the Disney World Food Addict Scale. Keep score how many you have tried and at the end you will be graded on how you have done.Please note while I would love to list every item at Disney World it would … [Read more...]