Healthy Eating options for Adults at Disney World


Healthy Eating options for Adults at Disney World Walt Disney World is famous for many things – one of them being its FOOD. They really work hard on creating unique and delicious dining experiences for all of their guests, and in my opinion, they do a great job of it!I don’t know about you, but I tend to eat pretty healthy at home – lots of vegetables and fruits, and not a lot of fried food. Luckily, Disney understands this and offers a lot of both the amazing-but-not-good-for-you stuff, as … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit

Top 5 Shopping at Downtown Disney

When I'm visiting Walt Disney World (WDW) one of my hobbies is snacking. (It's my trip – I can call eating a hobby, right?) And WDW offers plenty of tasty Disney snacks to satisfy the rumbly in my tumbly.Now, many guests think of the theme parks when the Disney snack attack hits. But Downtown Disney (DTD) has its own special treats, things that aren't found anywhere else at WDW (although they may be found other places).So, to avoid appearing like too much of a glutton, here are 5 snacks … [Read more...]

Disney World Food Review – The Good, the Bad, and the YUM!


My family and I live for the food at Disney World. When planning our vacation most of our entire trip revolves around the food. Being a Disney Foodie and dined at almost every Disney World Restaurant we know what to expect when going out. Our past trip was a major challenge in 2 ways.This is the first time we went off the Disney Dining Plan and opted for the Tables in Wonderland instead. Our 5 year old decided she wasn't going to eat but maybe 3 or 4 bites of food so the buffets were … [Read more...]

Affordable In Room Fun – Disney Spa Night

Walt Disney World is such a fun vacation with so many add on features that you could never get bored, no matter how many times  you visit The Mouse.  However, some extras cost more than others and it all really comes down to your priorities and budget while on vacation.  The first few times we went to Walt Disney World with my daughter we were truly just lucky to be there.  We were young parents (and still are), with my husband still in college and working to support our family while I stayed … [Read more...]

40th Anniversary Events!

"Mum" has been the word when it comes to news about 40th anniversary events at Magic Kingdom (October 1st). But now we're hearing "Yum" is the word, here are some juicy details of possible 40th anniversary events: *40th Anniversary cupcakes will be available on Main Street bakery *Special 40th Anniversary merchandise available on Main Street *Wishes (9pm) will have a special finale *Special anniversary presentation held at Castle Stage at 10am *Special artist appearances -Uptown … [Read more...]

Snacking Around the World


When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you hear a lot about the restaurants you can’t miss and the how important Advanced Dining Reservations are, but you don’t hear a lot about what to snack on in between those meals. If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, snack credits are available in all of the packages. So, what are some of the best snacks around Walt Disney World? What can you use your snack credits on?Here are some of my favorites:Cupcakes Disney has some of the most decadent … [Read more...]

Top 10 Disney things that you’re never “Too Old” for


A lot of adults write off Walt Disney World as “kid’s stuff”…personally I think that is nuts! While I believe adults can find a lot of ‘grown up’ activities to keep them happy and busy, I also think that everyone should take the time to experience all of these at least once (if not over and over!):Spinning on the teacups as fast as you can (please note: adults AND kids should probably NOT eat right before attempting this!)Getting your picture taken with characters – adults may think it’s … [Read more...]

Blizzard Beach- A Family Friendly Water Park!

Blizzard Beach

If you are considering going to Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World but are wondering how family friendly it really is, let me tell you that out of all the water parks I have frequented this is by far the most family oriented I have found!   Disney does a great job of remembering kids of all ages (even big ones like me) at Blizzard Beach.  They have created a really fun park where families of all sizes can make ever lasting memories!First off, let me say that safety is Disney's main goal at … [Read more...]

Good Eats – Cheese Plate at California Grille

Dear California Grill Cheese Plate:I love you!Love, The Disney Diva.You already know I'm obsessed with Walt Disney World food. This "Favorite Thing" is one of the reasons why.Last June my husband and I took a "grown ups only"  trip to Disney World for our 10th anniversary where we enjoyed our first meal at California Grill on the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort. On impulse (okay, perhaps it was the wine) I decided to order a cheese plate off the menu.And then, my dear … [Read more...]

Treats, Not Tricks, at Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Park

If you’re looking for a safe, fun and just-spooky-enough place to take your little monsters trick-or-treating this Halloween season, check out Mickey’s Halloween Party. Adults and children alike are invited to dress up and trick-or-treat in the ultimate neighborhood – Disneyland park! In addition to exclusives like Halloween Screams fireworks spectacular and Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade, Mickey’s Halloween Party guests can enjoy treats from multiple treat stops throughout the … [Read more...]