Top 10 Ways to Save Money for Your Disney Trip and Reduce Expenses

ROOM entrance

We’ve been passholders for several years now and people are always asking us to help them plan their trips, including ways to save money for their planned Disney trip. We live 10 hours away from Walt Disney World, so even though we’re annual passholders, we do indeed still have to be disciplined to save for our trips. It’s not exactly cheap to make the trip from NC and we’re just a single-income household living off less than half what we had in income before my husband’s neck injury nearly 6 … [Read more...]

Top Five Reasons Why Disney World During The Holiday Season RULES!


Walt Disney World is always a great place to vacation, but it gets even better during the Holiday season! There is so much to see and experience at the Parks and Resorts during this time that it’s hard to describe it all! But I shall try – with this rundown of the top five BEST things about WDW During The Holidays:FOOD – Disney Food is by far some of the best food on the planet - and they manage to make it even better for the holidays! Pumpkin fudge at the Main Street Confectionary, … [Read more...]

Drink Around the World Showcase – Morocco Pavilion

Epcot Morocco

One visit to the Morocco Pavilion and you'll feel like you have been transported to the streets of Morocco. From the street fare at Tangierine Cafe to the unique drinks and eats throughout the pavilion, there's no doubt that a Drinking Around the World Showcase excursion isn't complete without a visit to Morocco. While you probably won't get roasted and toasted at this pavilion alone, you can definitely score some tasty drinks & treats that will keep you certifiably nuts!The best place … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things to Do When You Want a Break from the WDW Theme Parks


Let’s face it, it’s hard to spend an entire day in the parks without getting tired or cranky (yes, even us adults get cranky). We always make it a point to leave the parks around lunch and then return in the evenings when we’ve had time to re-group. This allows us to stay refreshed, cool down in those warmer months, and stay in the parks until closing each day. Here is my Top 10 list of things to do when you just need a break from the WDW Theme Parks.10. Play a game of mini-golf – Yes, it … [Read more...]

Try these Halloween Treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


I recently visited Hollywood Studios to check out the new Halloween treats offered at the Scary Apothecary on Sunset Blvd! This year Disney is “treating” us with multiple delicious treats to tempt us with!They have caramel apples themed from skeletons, Mickey Mouse pumpkins, and apples themed after the poisoned apple from Snow White. Also added to this list are cake pops shaped like Jack Skellington, and spiders with gummy worms for arms.To round off the treats they also have chocolate … [Read more...]