Best Times of Year for Couples to Visit Disney World


My husband and I try to go to Walt Disney World as often as possible throughout the year. We make about 3 week-long trips a year and we've definitely discovered the best times to go and when to just stay far away. Some people just laugh when you tell them you’re going to Disney World or say “but isn't that for kids,” to which I will unequivocally debate that theory. My co-workers no long ask where we're going on vacation, but rather 'when' we're going back to Disney World - they know me well. I … [Read more...]

Disney’s Frozen Hits the Road with Ore-Ida


Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen” kicks off a cross-country tour this week with Ore-Ida®, serving free treats to “Frozen” fans from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Featuring Ore-Ida hash browns and fries, activities, crafts, themed lunch boxes and other giveaways.“Frozen” hits theaters in 3D on Nov. 27, 2013.“Inspired by Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf, and their story about the strength of family, the ‘Frozen’ food truck and Ore-Ida will be traveling coast to coast to bring families … [Read more...]

Club Cool offers new flavors at EPCOT


Club Cool recently changed its selection of Coca-Cola sponsored sodas from around the world. All sodas except for one (Beverly, from Italy which I consider a MUST TRY) are new to the EPCOT location. EPCOT Club Cool is only one of three locations in the world to allow Coke fans to sample drinks from around the world. The other locations are in Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. The new flavors are:Beverly- from Italy, it is a popular aperitif and a huge part of the Italian cultureFanta … [Read more...]

DIY Disney Breakfast – Start Your Day Off Right!


They always say that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and I am pretty sure WDW took those words to heart when designing their menus - because they serve some of the best breakfast foods I have ever tasted! Whether you are grabbing a quick breakfast sandwich or burrito at your WDW Resort, or heading off to enjoy the “Royal” breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table – you won’t be disappointed!My fave place to have breakfast at WDW is at the Magic Kingdom’s Crystal Palace – they … [Read more...]

Disney World’s Advanced Dining Reservations – Making Sense of the System


We've all heard the acronyms floating around when people talk about planning their Walt Disney World vacation, and one of the big ones is ADRs. What are ADRs and how does it affect your vacation? Is is a discount? Is it a backstage pass? Is some secret password to get into the suite in the top of Cinderella's Castle? None of the above.ADR stands for Advance Dining Reservation. Which means if you want to eat at a "good" (or popular) restaurant while at Walt Disney World, you need to be up … [Read more...]