Quick Eats – Greek Salad from Studios Catering Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It was hot outside, as it often is in September, so I was looking for something cool and refreshing. Considering there aren't a lot of great dining options at Disney's Hollywood Studios I was limited to where I could go to satisfy my need for food. I decided to give the Greek Salad at Studios Catering Co. a try since it was a cold item option and I could easily find a seat right near the fan.I have to things to say about that choice... bad idea. The salad appeared to have been made … [Read more...]

Disney Personalizes Cakes with New Interactive Cakes Patent

Stitch Kingdom is reporting on a new cake patent that Disney has filed that will allow you to personalize your very own cake. Using Pico Projectors you will be able to shoot your image/video onto your cake. Eventually you will be able to make it interactive with full motion video too.Wow really?Are we seriously going waste this kinda technology on cakes?I know cakes are big business. Don't believe me ask me sometime how much our wedding cake was..oy!Check out the full article here. Along … [Read more...]

It’s the “Review Episode” on Mouse Chat.

On our latest episode of Mouse Chat, Lauren and Chris (okay, that's me) sit down and talk about their latest trips to Disney World.  Lauren suffers a case of ennui right in the middle of Le Cellier and I tell you all about my beloved Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  In addition, we've got:News of the shockingly cold weather in Orlando earlier this month. Reviews of Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney and The Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom courtesy of Natalie. We've … [Read more...]

Disney World Special Dining Events Can Now Be Booked Online.


You can now make special event dining reservations on line.  These include:The Candlelight Processional held during Christmas at Epcot. Wishes Dessert Party on select nights in the Magic Kingdom. The Fantasmic Dining Package at Hollywood Studios. This lunch or dinner package gives you priority seating for Fantasmic later that night. Tea at the Garden View Tea Room in the Grand Floridian. The Chef's Tasting Wine Dinner at the Flying Fish Cafe located on the Boardwalk. The Wanyama … [Read more...]

Where to Eat Organic at Disney World


In the last decade, organic food has grown in popularity and become increasingly available, from your local farmer's market to the most unlikely of places, Walmart. As organic food has become easier to find, it's also gotten less expensive, which is great for people like me who feel that organic is not only better for the environment, it just tastes better.  But what do you do when you go on vacation?  For people who are serious about eating a mostly-organic diet, this can be a huge challenge. … [Read more...]