Top 5 DisneyWorld Snacks that are more like a Meal


So your walking around Disney World enjoying the sights, the sounds, the Experience and it hits you. I am hungry! I'm not talking about the eat a snickers bar hungry. I am talking you want something with a little substance kinda hungry.It is atleast 3-4 hours before your next meal and you have a laundry list of rides you want to get in before then.So hot shot what do you do...what do you do?1. Turkey Leg - This thing is huge and very filling. Nothing like chewing on some fresh, … [Read more...]

Disneyland Treats: Taffy


My boyfriend and I have a habit of getting a little bit of a sweet tooth when we visit Disneyland. We love perusing through the candy shop on Main Street, peering into the glass cases to gaze at the sugary confections.Sometimes we decide that it's time we cave in to the craving and purchase something for us to snack on. Our first choice is always the taffy.With an assortment of flavors (banana is our favorite),  the taffy is not only delicious, but affordable. A small single scoop bag … [Read more...]

Don’t overlook the Plaza Restaurant at Walt Disney World


The most over-looked table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom has got to be The Plaza Restaurant on Main Street. Most people do not even know it is there! The Plaza sits on the corner of Main Street facing the castle and right next to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. It is quaint and old-fashioned with Victorian accents throughout the restaurant. The menu consists of the standard fare, burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads, but the desserts are what stand out the most here. On a recent … [Read more...]

Top 5 Disneyworld Character Dining Restaurants

I am always interested in what other peoples top places to grab a meal at Walt Disney World and why. It is just interesting to see why people choose a certain restaurant and what has influenced them in their decisions.Here are my Top 5 Disneyworld Character Dining Restaurants 5.  1900 Park Fare - Breakfast here was very good. The Omlet Bar was a highlight for me. Seeing Alice was very nice since you don't see her often enough in the parks. The resort itself has an old turn of the century … [Read more...]

New Muppets Kitchen Episodes on

Just wanted to let everyone know that there are now new episodes of “The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora” on!Check out the latest episodes just released today: “World’s Biggest Sandwich” and “Breakfast Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore”Don't worry we won't tell Cat Woman. … [Read more...]