2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Full Details and Schedule of Events


Counting down the days to the Festival?  Looking forward to international marketplaces featuring tasty tapas and refreshing beverages?  Eager to cultivate your cooking skills?  Excited to enjoy an exhilarating outdoor concert?With the 17th annual Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival just around the corner, we would like to give Tables in Wonderland members a “sneak preview!”   Take a look below to see all the exciting events coming up.To keep up to date on the latest changes, … [Read more...]

Tips for Saving Money off food at the Magic Kingdom

Most of us have a budget but Disney World can be a budget buster. My daughter and I have annual passes so we go as often as we can. Over the past few years I have learned a lot of money saving tips. Hopefully some of these can help you.A huge one for me is getting a free cup of ice water in any quick service location that has a soda fountain. If the taste of the water bothers you then you can bring along some of those little flavored packets or Chip uses Mio. There are few locations that … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Know If You’re a Disney Addict


Chances are that if you are like myself and the other writers here at Chip and Co., you are a Disney Addict. If you already know you are you should join us on our Disney Addict Facebook Page. We have yet to find a cure, but the symptoms of this condition are rather obvious. Most likely your own friends and family have pointed them out to you or questioned your sanity time or two. Still not sure? Check out my Top 10 Ways to Know If You're a Disney Addict.1. You refer to your own meals as … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on a Disney Vacation


It's no secret that a Disney Vacation can be expensive! So to make the magic happen, we Disney fans have to get creative to save some cash; and I'm a big fan of taking advantage of the values that Disney has to offer to help me in my efforts. While there are many ways to pinch pennies, here are my Top 5 Ways to Save Money on a Disney Vacation!5. Disney Dining Plan-This plan allots each guest a number of meals and snacks per day. There are three different types of plans: the Quick Service … [Read more...]

Your Preschooler won’t Remember their Disney Vacation… Or Will They???

Snow White in Germany

There's often the debate about whether or not parents should take their toddler or young child to Walt Disney World since the child may never remember the vacation.  Well, as an adult, I can't be the one to convince you that toddlers do remember their Disney vacations... so let's ask the experts - PRESCHOOLERS!  Here's what they had to say about their vacation to Walt Disney World... … [Read more...]