Disney Dining Plan tips to help you Think Outside the Box

DIsney Dining Plan symbol

When planning a Disney Vacation where to eat can be very high on the list of priorities, but where to use your DDP Credits can have even the best Disney Planner thinking and re-thinking  there best laid plans.Character Dining- This is not just for kids, some of the best buffetsor family style meals can come with your favorite Disney Pals hanging around during your meal! Don’t be afraid to try them just based on Character alone. Most Disney Characters are very good at telling weather you are … [Read more...]

Tips for Saving Money off food at the Magic Kingdom

Most of us have a budget but Disney World can be a budget buster. My daughter and I have annual passes so we go as often as we can. Over the past few years I have learned a lot of money saving tips. Hopefully some of these can help you.A huge one for me is getting a free cup of ice water in any quick service location that has a soda fountain. If the taste of the water bothers you then you can bring along some of those little flavored packets or Chip uses Mio. There are few locations that … [Read more...]

Your Preschooler won’t Remember their Disney Vacation… Or Will They???

Snow White in Germany

There's often the debate about whether or not parents should take their toddler or young child to Walt Disney World since the child may never remember the vacation.  Well, as an adult, I can't be the one to convince you that toddlers do remember their Disney vacations... so let's ask the experts - PRESCHOOLERS!  Here's what they had to say about their vacation to Walt Disney World... … [Read more...]

Making the Most of Counter Service Dining – Downtown Disney Area

By now, I've written how to make the most of your counter service dining at all the Disney theme parks.  Now, it's time for the Downtown Disney area.  Downtown Disney is home to my all time favorite counter service dining location on property-Wolfgang Puck Express.  While Downtown Disney can be a great place to grab souvenirs and use some snack credits, eating a meal at some of the following locations is also a must!Wolfgang Puck Express-Wood fired pizza, pastas, … [Read more...]

Fresh Veggies, Flatbreads on Magic Kingdom Park Menus

We love a hot order of fries, but these new healthful Magic Kingdom Park sides make us happy – delicious, crunchy veggies that can be paired with some of our favorite vacation bites.We’re a fan of the Lighthouse Sandwich (hummus and broccoli slaw) and grilled salmon with fresh broccoli at Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square, and now they’ve added fresh broccoli as a side option for any sandwich or entrée. Next time, opt for fresh broccoli to go with the crunchy chicken … [Read more...]