Is Cinderella’s Royal Table worth the 2 dining credits?


Are you in the middle of planning your Advanced Dining Reservations for your upcoming Walt Disney World Vacation? You're probably completely overwhelmed at all your many options and if you're using a Disney Dining Plan you're trying to figure out your meal credits as well. So you might be a little stuck!If you've got a princess of you're own then you're probably already fantasizing about the first time your sweetie pie meets her favorite Princess. You may have seen that Disney World has two … [Read more...]

Adult Dining in Disney World – Top 5 Restaurants to try

BigRiverGrille (2)

Over the years, Walt Disney World has really worked on improving the dining experience for their guests, and they have done an amazing job, it really sets them apart from amusement parks where all you can get is burgers/fries/chicken fingers and the occasional grilled chicken sandwich. The problem they have now (if you can even call it a problem), is that they are so many choices, that a lot of people stick with what they know, which is the chicken fingers and burgers - which are still … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating at Walt Disney World Resort

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions and vacation can be the worst time to stick to healthy eating – but you can forego the funnel cakes, sundaes and oversized burgers and eat with delicious satisfaction in all four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.Here are some of our favorite healthful eats:Magic Kingdom Park – The grilled salmon with fresh steamed broccoli and couscous at Columbia Harbor House is our go-to option when we’re in a hurry. With more time, we head to The Crystal Palace … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession – Maple Creme Brulee with Recipe

Maple Creme Brulee

Where can you find it? Le Cellier in the World Showcase at Epcot What is it? It is a custard based dessert traditionally flavored with vanilla.Then sugar is sprinkled on top and melted with heat to make a crust.If you are using the Disney dining plan for a meal at Le Cellier you can choose this as your desert item from the menu.If not then the total for this delicious dessert is $6.99. Advance dining reservations are suggested when trying to dine at Le Cellier.It is a very popular … [Read more...]

Tastes so good – Casey’s Corner hotdogs


When you're walking right down the middle of Main Street USA you'll look straight ahead and see the castle... It will make you sigh!If you look to your left you'll look you'll see Casey's Corner hotdogs... it will make you drool!My absolute favorite counter service meal comes from Casey's Corner! No, its not one of the fancy-shmancy gourmet hotdogs they're selling for about $3.00 more now. Its a good, old fashion, DELICIOUS hot dog.My kids love the corn-dog nuggets there, but when I … [Read more...]

PlanItDisney – A fast and easy way to plan your trip

PlanItDisney Map, a revolutionary free Disney trip planning website, went live to the public today.  PlanItDisney allows users to build an online travel itinerary and budget from over 3000 Points of Interest in and around Disneyland and Walt Disney World.Planning a vacation with PlanItDisney is a four step process:The Map - An interactive map containing photos, details, descriptions, and reviews for every single attraction, show, hotel, service, food, and transportation location at the … [Read more...]

Eats Outside the Parks – Why They’re Worth The Trip


 Most people come to Walt Disney World for the theme parks. They are the main attraction, and each of the 4 is truly amazing in their own ways. One thing that most people don't realize on their first few trips is that the World extends far beyond just the parks - and many of the WDW Resort Hotels are a destination in and of themselves. All of the Hotels are huge, beautifully themed, and best of all - the food there is to die for. Seriously, some of the best food in WDW comes not from … [Read more...]

Best Thing I Love about Disney is Dining in Casual Clothes


Casual Fridays are a staple of the American workplace. It’s a time when the workforce can look forward to the upcoming weekend by taking advantage of a relaxed but still professional dress code.This same principle can be applied to Disney dining and it’s one of the things I love about Disney. At Walt Disney World, you can experience unique and high-quality dining while dressed more casually than you could at home. Since many people eat at table-service restaurants while touring the theme … [Read more...]

To Downtown Disney or Not?

Ghirardelli Sundaes

That is the question!When visiting Walt Disney World, it’s not hard to get caught up in the excitement of the parks, rides, and attractions. When you’re on Disney property, you might feel like you’re “missing out” on what’s going on inside one of the parks if you’re not in them. You can’t help but think “I could be on Space Mountain right now!” or “I wonder if there’s a lot of people watching Illuminations tonight?” Maybe you feel guilty for leisurely strolling the shops or grabbing a bite … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession-Butterfinger Cupcake with Recipe

Butterfinger Cupcake

Where can you find it? Disney's Hollywood Studios-Starring Rolls CafeWhat is it? A chocolate cupcake with a chocolate creme filled center topped with butter cream frosting dipped in Butterfinger crumbled goodness. This is a sweet lovers DREAM dessert!!Why you want it- It is one of the best desserts in "The World" and it is a mountain of sugary goodness to get you through the day!! You can get this as a dessert with your meal at Starring Rolls instead of the typical chocolate cake! … [Read more...]