Disney Food Confession – The Yachtsman Sundae


Where to find it – Yachtsman Steakhouse, Yacht & Beach Club in Walt Disney WorldWhat is it – A trio of gelato with strawberry and a vanilla pineapple sauce.Why you want it – Rich creamy gelato and amarena cherries combine for a flavor explosion.Picture credit – pixel_bunny via Flickr … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession – Bananas Foster Mascarpone Cheesecake


Where to find it – Brown Derby in Walt Disney World - Disney StudiosWhat is it – Bananas Foster Mascarpone Cheesecake with cherry compote and port wine reduction.Why you want it – Bananas and Cherry are unexpected but delicious paring of flavors.Picture credit – meshmar2 via Flickr … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession – Gianduja-Chocolate Torta

Where to find it – Tutto Italia Ristorante, Epcot in Walt Disney WorldWhat is it – Chocolate and hazelnut torte with whipped cream and raspberry sauce.Why you want it – Rich Chocolate torte nestled in creamy raspberry sauce.Picture credit – mrkathika via Flickr … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession – Monte Cristo Sandwhich


Where to find it - Blue Bayou Restaurant, New Orleans Square - DisneylandWhat is it - A turkey, ham, and swiss cheese sandwich, lightly battered and fried to a golden brown.Why you want it - Salty and Sweet and just melts in your mouth.Photo Credit - Andy Castro via Flickr … [Read more...]

Valentines Goodies at Walt Disney World – Picture Collection


While walking around Disneyworld last week I was keeping an eye out for some of the Valentines Day goodies Disney would be creating. Not many places had items out for Valentines Day yet which made me kinda sad. They did have a few displays of different items. I am sure in the next week or so they will be displaying much more but for now here are a few photos of some of the items I was able to locate.Here was a cool display of Rice Crispy treat hearts.Who doesn't love Chocolate … [Read more...]