Enchanted Sequel On The Way

The 2007 Disney film, Enchanted, is finally getting a sequel.  Announced in 2010 and then placed on hold, the film is now moving forward. To be directed by Anne Fletcher, the film in its infancy stage of writing and script editing.  Working under the title of Disenchanted, rumor is that the second film may show how challenging the life of Giselle and Robert came to be after their marriage. No other details have been released.The original film which included Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, … [Read more...]

The Emperor’s New Groove Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The Emperor's New Groove celebrates its 15th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than a special screening at El Capitan Theatre.Arriving at the theatre, I found a line of fans that reached half way down the block.  Retrieving my tickets and entering the theatre we quickly found our seats - front and center.  The event hosted by Ohmydisney included not just the film screening, but fun activities, like the opportunity to decorate our own ears with jewels, feathers and beads, and a … [Read more...]

Star Wars Trilogy Re-Released in Original UnCut Versions

 The announcement by film director/producer John Landis, during the Q&A at The 25th annual Halloween Horror Nights kickoff came out of the blue.  Adding the news came straight from his old friend, George Lucas, the news of the Re-release of the theatrical cuts of the original Star Wars Trilogy  comes as a surprise and unexpected news.With the upcoming release of the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakes movie coming out December 18, 2015, Disney is providing movie goers with Star … [Read more...]

Jaunt and Walt Disney Company Join Forces

Jaunt, a virtual-reality technology company has joined forces with The Walt Disney Co. and other key investors to bring live-action shows, movies and sports events to fans.The $65-million investment between Jaunt and Disney, Evolution Media Capital, China Media Capital, Axel Springer and Madison Square Garden Co., would provide Jaunt with the capital to improve cameras, develop new software and increase production bringing fans and viewers top quality programming.Jaunt has already … [Read more...]

Will Emily Blunt Be The New Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins...the one and only magical nanny has always been associated with the talented and amazing Julie Andrews.  In a previous article, I shared my excitement at the upcoming new musical, which will bring us new adventures and is set 20 years after the original movie.  Rumors and speculations about who will play the role of Mary Poppins have been flying around the social media and news sites.At the top of many fans' list as well as rumored to be the top choice for Disney was the … [Read more...]

Special Screening of The Emperor’s New Groove Coming To El Capitan

El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood will be hosting a special one night screening of "The Emperor's New Groove" on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm.  Along with Oh My Disney, the theatre is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the film and have planned a fun evening full of trivia, DIY activities, costumes and a chance to meet the executive producer, Don Hahn, director Mark Dindal, producer Randy Fullmer and screenwriter, David Reynolds.The story of Emperor Kuzco (voiced by David Spade) who … [Read more...]

Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK Releases New Trailer!

The trailer from Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK is now available.  A sneak peek posted earlier gave Disney Addicts a look at the scary and slightly dark version of the upcoming movie.   The live action scenes and young Mowgli, played by newcomer Neel Sethi in the trailer show us that once again, Walt Disney Studios has a hit.Under the direction of Jon Favreau, the epic adventure about Mowgli,  a man-cub raised by a family of wolves.   Threatened by the fearsome tiger Shere Khan (Idris Elba), … [Read more...]

Sneak peek of Disney’s Live Action Jungle Book

A sneak peek of Disney's Live Action remake of the Jungle Book has been posted on twitter. Check it out... Part 1 #TheJungleBook pic.twitter.com/Qr21RoVhe8— Maria (@_MariaRPerez_) September 14, 2015Part 2 #TheJungleBook pic.twitter.com/6lGELHj6f7 — Maria (@_MariaRPerez_) September 14, 2015Disney was supposed to release the trailer yesterday but for some reason it never surfaced. As soon as it gets released we will have it on Chip and Co.The Jungle book opens April 15, … [Read more...]

New Mary Poppins Live Action Musical In Development!

The opportunity to bring Disney Addicts news and updates is always an exciting one for me.   Today however, I am jumping up and down and shouting the news from the rooftops as I step in time with joy!My all time favorite Disney Movie, Mary Poppins is back!  Well not exactly back, Walt Disney Studios is taking it one step further by making a new original live-action musical.Rob Marshall is directing and John DeLuca and Marc Platt are producing the new film which takes place approximately … [Read more...]

El Capitan Theatre Hosts Amazing Halloween Event!

My favorite Hollywood theater is celebrating Halloween with a special Disney movie screening of three favorites.   During the month of October, El Capitan Theatre will showcase Hocus Pocus, The Black Cauldron and Nightmare Before Christmas.Starting with the funny "Hocus Pocus" from October 8th to 11th, followed by "The Black Cauldron" from October 15th to the 18th and ending the event with their annual special engagement of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas"  from October 22nd to … [Read more...]