Star Tours: The Adventures Continue NEW Concept Art

New ‘Star Tours: The Adventures Continue’ Concept Art

New concept art from "Star Tours: The Adventures Continue" began leaking on the web today. Here are a few images:The power of the Force and the magic of Disney combine once again to create an unforgettable new Star Wars experience in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – in 3-D! This deep-space flight simulator features light-speed travel to galaxies, far, far away. See "Star Tours: The Adventures Continue" reopen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 20, 2011 and at Disneyland in … [Read more...]

IGN’s Star Wars Cantina Mural

Check out this cool mural the geeks at IGN had commissioned by comic artist Jim Mafood of the iconic Cantina scene from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. There are so many little gems in these pictures. See how many cameos you can spot in these pics.There are many more panels to check out as well as a video on this epic mural being hung in their offices HERE. You've gotta love the Disney characters that make their way into the cantina! Until next time, may the Force be with … [Read more...]

LEGO Star Wars III Videogame Cinematic Trailers


Travel back to the first episode of The Clone Wars, "Ambush," with the latest fun cinematic clip from LEGO: Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.The release of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is only a couple weeks away on March 22, 2011 for the following gaming platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS (as a launch title for the new gaming device), and PC. … [Read more...]

Star Wars in 3D Gets an Official Release Date

Star Wars logo

Lucasfilm Ltd. announced today that the live-action Star Wars Saga will be converted to 3D! There are few movies that lend themselves more perfectly to 3D; from the Death Star trench run to the Tatooine Podrace, the Star Wars Saga has always delivered an entertainment experience that is completely immersive. Presented by Twentieth Century Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd., the cutting edge conversion will take that immersion to the next thrilling level, with Industrial Light & Magic supervising … [Read more...]

LEGO Battle of Hoth


Check out this awesome reproduction of the Hoth battle from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back done all in Legos! Thanks to for the heads up!Giant LEGO Star Wars Layout of the Battle of Hoth - presented at LEGO World 2011 (Copenhagen). Build by Bo Jensen, Denmark.Related articlesLego Store: Build a FREE Mini Bird ( … [Read more...]