Sorcerer Radio Preview (Week of 6/20)

Greetings Disney fans!This week will be one of EPIC proportions with HOLLYWOOD STARS and GROUNDBREAKING ANNOUNCEMENTS! Here are your headlines!HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT MONDAY 6/20, 8am/e!Be sure to tune in to Sorcerer Radio THIS MONDAY at 8:00 a.m./eastern during the "SRN Top 10" with Jeff Davis for a game changing announcement. Sorcerer Radio will once again be raising the bar and you won't want to miss it!MELISSA JOAN HART on Castaway Midday 6/23!!!Sorcerer Radio is proud to … [Read more...]

Disney/Star Wars Voice Actor, Stephen Stanton, on Sorcerer Radio 6/24

Sorcerer Radio 125x125

ORLANDO Florida - Thursday June 16, 2011 - The Sorcerer Radio Network, a global leader in fan-based Disney internet radio and programming, is proud to have voice actor Stephen Stanton, the voice of Captain Tarkin of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as guest on the WDW Tiki Room radio show June 24, 2011.WDW Tiki Room co-host Kristen Hoetzel says, "As huge fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and his work with Disney video games we are excited to speak to him about his upcoming projects!" Stanton … [Read more...]

Top 5 Last Minute Star Wars Themed Father Day Gifts

Father's Day is approaching! Here are some cool items for dear ole dad - who just happens to be a huge Star Wars fan! Some of these items can be purchased using the links. See, I made shopping for papa easy for you. Enjoy!Hallmark Star Wars "I Am Your Father Mug" - $12 Nothing says Father's Day like this mug from Hallmark. Remind your kids who their daddy is!Star Wars Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee - $15 The best part of waking up is Dark Side in your cup! Dad will appreciate … [Read more...]

‘Star Wars Kinect’ Videogame for X-Box 360 Video from E3

Here are a couple of videos showcasing the new "Star Wars Kinect" videogame from Lucasarts for the X-Box 360 debuting at this week's E3 trade show. The footage looks great and is expected to hit shelves in 2012. At this time the game is exclusive to the X-Box. Let's hope there are plans to work some cool videogames using this type of gameplay mechanic for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 platforms.For ongoing news about Star Wars and Disney games from 2011's E3 visit … [Read more...]

Scripts Ready For Star Wars Live Action Show

Recent reports mention that George Lucas has over two seasons of scripts already written for a live-action Star Wars television series set in-between Episodes III and IV. Information about this show has been making rounds for the past four years including casting rumors, pre-production and a supposed air date.In a recent interview on G4-TV Lucas mentions that the ambitious project has been shelved for the time being until it's more affordable to produce. Lucas says that ILM (Industrial Light … [Read more...]