Ultra Sabers – Black Friday Lightsaber Sale Underway!

Ultra Sabers

Ultra Sabers biggest sale of the year has begun! Tons of sabers on sale & lots of options on sale. Lots of customers were asking for our sound option to go on sale, well, you asked and we listened! This is the first and only time Obsidian installs will go on sale this year, so don't miss out. Check out the prices on AV switch installs as well. Now is definitely the time to equip yourself with a decked out Ultra Saber! Sale ends November 27.They people at Ultra Sabers make some incredible … [Read more...]

Lucasfilm Registers New Domains for New Star Wars Project

It seems that George Lucas and the crew at Lucasfilm are trying to ride below the radar to avoid any Imperial entanglements by registering domains for a new mystery project from the Star Wars franchise.Three domains—StarWarsIdentities.com, StarWarsIdentites.com (typo) and sw-id.com—were registered by Lucasfilm on Nov. 7 through brand protection firm Corporation Service Company.There are many rumors swirling around the Star Wars community regarding these new aquisitions including a … [Read more...]

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Finalize Your Guild

*From http://www.swtor.comLast month we expanded our Pre-Launch Guild Program with the implementation of Phase 2: Alignment, where guilds could designate other guilds as allies or adversaries. Now, as Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ moves ever-closer to launch, we are excited to announce that we have initiated the first part of Phase 3: Deployment!Phase 3: Deployment will see any guild that meets the pre-designated criteria be transferred into the game for launch. Before we begin this … [Read more...]

FREE Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine Digital Sampler

Have you checked out the official Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine? If not, here's your chance! The magazine is packed full of incredible features about the hit animated show, as well as brand new and exclusive Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic strip stories! You can see a fantastic selection of them in our free digital sampler edition. There's no need to download anything - just click this LINK and view the magazine straight away! Like what you read? Subscribe to the print edition of Star … [Read more...]

Shop like a Diva – Disney’s Hollywood Studios Shopping


Still haven't satisfied your inner shop-a-holic after reading my posts about where to shop in Magic Kingdom and in Epcot? Here are some  Hollywood Studios finds you shouldn't pass up!I would recommend you take a pass on Mickey's of Hollywood. It's potentially one of the worst laid out stores I've ever been in. You can find all of the items there, and more over at Mouse Gears in Epcot or Downtown Disney.For even more Christmas ornaments: It's a Wonderful Shop (Streets of America) - If Ye … [Read more...]