Disney Closes LucasArts Studio

Today, the Walt Disney Company laid off the staff of LucasArts and cancelled all of their current projects. Approximately one-hundred fifty staff members were informed of the decision this morning and lost their jobs. This decision also forces the company to cancel both of LucasArts current projects- Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313. The Walt Disney Company is keeping the LucasArts name to license games, but the studio will no longer exist.Disney has reported that their current … [Read more...]

First Look at Star Wars Weekends 2013 Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I was delighted to see the logo for Star Wars Weekends 2013 as shared by author Gary Buchanan. He said the artwork gives a nod to the 30th anniversary of “Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.” I vividly recall seeing the film in theaters with my parents in May 1983. I was completely obsessed with Star Wars at the time, so I love this poster as it reminds me of my childhood. Disney Design Group artist Tyler Dumas said they had some different poster concepts, like Mickey Mouse in the Rancor … [Read more...]

Boba Fett Actors Unite at Star Wars Celebration Europe II

Here's the latest news regarding guests and events slated for the HUGE Star Wars Celebration Europe II convention July 26-28 in Messe Essen, Germany.Four Fetts at Celebration for the First Time in Europe!Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters of the Star Wars saga, and fans will have the chance to meet four actors who brought the iconic bounty hunter to life. This unprecedented collection of on-screen bad boys will be a first for Celebration Europe.Over the course of … [Read more...]

Star Wars Invades Atlanta Braves Spring Training at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

No, it’s not a galaxy far, far away. It’s Atlanta Braves spring training at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Last weeks Braves-Mets game saw the first mash-up of Disney, Star Wars and Major League Baseball spring training at Walt Disney World Resort.To catch all the fun, check out the photo gallery below.Related articlesAll new Dopey Challenge Among Dizzying Enhancements for 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend (chipandco.com) … [Read more...]

Who is Building and Paying for the Parking Garages at Downtown Disney?

  Hello everyone! What a lovely Spring Day and Hello to all the Anonymouse fans in my fandom!  My fandom is ruled by the fair and honest ruler Chimp Chip. He rules the fandom and I rule the rumors and gossip...it is a equal partnership or so he tells me.As Downtown Disney Disney Springs continue on their trek to make bigger and better your favorite Downtown area one thing that is going to be very important are the two parking garages that are slated to be built. We are all … [Read more...]

Star Wars Land at Disneyland?

A long time from now in a city not so far away we may all get to visit Star Wars Land at Disneyland. The Disney-verse has lit up more than a Death Star explosion with the news of a survey being addressed to Annual Pass Holder and Fanatics. This survey includes a number of references to a Star Wars Land and asks what the respondents think of this expansion idea. What do you think? Would you like a Star Wars Land at Disneyland?We've known of plans to add a Star Wars Land to Disneyland … [Read more...]

Star Wars Launches “This Is Madness” Tournament

Fans of The Force need not feel left out of the March Madness... er Madness. StarWars.com has just launched the "This Is Madness"  tournament to decide the galaxy's most popular Star Wars character. Cast your votes and daily for new matchups and results, and be sure to visit the site on Tuesday, April 9, to see who wins!Vote for your favorite NOW! http://starwars.com/this-is-madness/index.htmlThe participants have been cast very interestingly. It will be interesting to see who comes out … [Read more...]

Is This the End for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Series?

There has been a lot of internet buzz regarding the future of  "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" animated series since Cartoon Network aired the season finale last week. Rumors of the show's cancellation ran wild while others speculated an announcement from Disney about the move to one of its channels. Today we know that Lucasfilm animation is "moving in another direction." While not specific, it does sound as if there are no immediate plans to have season six on broadcast television.We do know … [Read more...]

Return of the Princess – Carrie Fisher on Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars news seems to be breaking on a daily basis which is a great thing! Original trilogy actors have been doing a lot of press answering questions regarding their possible involvement in Star Wars Episode VII. Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams have mentioned wanting to return to a galaxy far, far away. Now we can add Carrie Fisher to the "Ep. 7" buzz.  Here's an excerpt from a recent Palm Beach Illustrated interview with the galactic princess.Q: “Disney is going to … [Read more...]

Marvel Headed to Hong Kong Disneyland

It looks like Marvel is aiming to officially land in the Marvel parks. There's been much rumor and speculation around just how, when, and which parks the Marvel characters would finally make their Disney debut, and now it looks as if we have our answer. Unfortunately, for the Disney fans in North America, it doesn't look like it's our time just yet to swing with Spider-Man, smash with the Hulk, or battle the Sentinels with the X-Men, because the heroes are headed to Hong Kong Disneyland. … [Read more...]