Review of “Toy Story That Time Forgot” on Blu-Ray and Digital HD

Disney•Pixar proudly presents a hilarious new animated “Toy Story” adventure. During one of Bonnie’s post-Christmas play dates, the “Toy Story” crew find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to ever return to Bonnie’s room. “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is an unforgettable tale packed with family fun and a must-have for every Pixar fan’s collection!Tom … [Read more...]

Zootopia Voice Talents Revealed

Walt Disney Animation Studios revealed the roster of voice talent of the upcoming new film "Zootopia.  The residents of the modern-day mammal metropolis which opens in theaters March 4, 2016 will include many of our favorite actors.   “We had so much fun casting this film,” said director Byron Howard. “‘Zootopia’ features such a large and diverse range of characters—one of our biggest casts ever for a Disney Animation film. We needed talented actors who could help bring these animals to life.” … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Studios Invites D23 Members to Celebrate Holidays

 Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California invites D23 Members to Celebrate the holidays with special activities, shopping, delicious food and the magical lighting of the Studio Christmas tree!Join the Disney Studios cast and your fellow D23 members on December 4th for an evening of non stop Disney fun. Starting at 6:30 pm, you and your family will enjoy 2 hours of Light Up the SeasonAvailable for the first time to Gold, Gold Family and General Members, the event … [Read more...]

The Voice of “Doc McStuffins” Sues Disney Citing Breach of Contract

The original voice of "Doc McStuffins" Kiara Muhammad is suing Disney. The lawsuit was filed in L.A. Superior Court recently. She is claiming breach of contract. She is alleging they have not paid her what she is owed. She says her voice and likeness were used extensively for the first 2 and a half seasons of the show, yet she was not paid her 2.5% of net merchandising receipts.The specific terms of the suit were not released. The suit does state that she is owed over $250,000. She is being … [Read more...]

“Frozen” and Other Disney Movies Will Now Be Available for Streaming

For the first time in forever, Frozen, Disney movies and more will be available for streaming. But, as of right now this will only be offered in the UK. Disney is starting it's own streaming service, similar to Netflix. It is called DisneyLife and it will cost about $15.40 (U.S. Dollars) a month. The service will offer Disney movies, TV shows from the Disney Channel, music and books. Keep in mind that not all Disney content will be available for streaming. You can download everything so you can … [Read more...]

Disney Joins Forces with a Bionics Firm to Change the Lives of Some Children

What are you looking at is Disney Bionic prosthetic arms for children. These are so cool. Best of all they are low-cost. The Star Wars one has a lightsabre hand and when you turn it on the LED's light up and you hear the electronic buzz that Star Wars fans know and love. That is not it, there is button that allows the child to change the color of the lights.  “We’ve already had several requests for the lightsabre from people who aren’t kids,” said Joel Gibbard, 25. He is the British robotic … [Read more...]

The Diamond Edition of “Aladdin” Has Some Never Before Seen Robin Williams Footage

The Diamond Edition of "Aladdin" will be released very soon. One of my favorite parts of a Disney DVD is the bonus features. The bonus features of Aladdin are especially awesome on this DVD, it is Robin Williams while he was recording the iconic voice of Genie. I think it is so awesome to see his skills and how far he goes into the character to bring him to life. I loved Robin Williams. I love a sense of humor but better than that I love someone that is just a decent, good person and he seemed … [Read more...]

You can Preview Scenes from DisneyŸ•Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ at Disney Parks

Starting October 16 if you are visiting Disney Parks you can see a scene from "The Good Dinosaur" at Disney California Adventure park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.At California Adventure, you can see “The Good Dinosaur” preview at the Bug’s Life Theater with some special in-theater effects. If you will be at Hollywood Studios you can see it at One Man’s Dream.A little background: In “The Good Dinosaur,” Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs, … [Read more...]

Khan Academy launches Pixar in a Box, a behind the scenes look at Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar in a Box is a new online resource that explores the academic concepts behind Pixar Animation Studios’ creative process - goes live on Through a series of video lessons, interactive exercises, and hands-on activities, students will discover how the academic concepts they learn in school enable Pixar filmmakers to create new worlds, animate unique characters and tell stories through animation. Although designed especially for students in middle and high school, these … [Read more...]

Coco is Revealed at the D23 Expo

 Director Lee Unkrich (“Toy Story 3”) and producer Darla K. Anderson (“Toy Story 3”) revealed the title of their upcoming film today at D23 Expo 2015. Disney Pixar’s “Coco” is the celebration of a lifetime, where the discovery of a generations-old mystery leads to a most extraordinary and surprising family reunion.Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie DustMaria … [Read more...]