Disney Imagineer and Sculptor Blaine Gibson Passes Away at 97


Disney Imagineer, sculptor, and amazing talent, Blaine Gibson passed away at age 97. This is according to the Walt Disney Family Museum. He started his career as an assistant animator.It is said that one day Walt Disney saw his work and asked him to work on the Disneyland project. He went on to become the head of the Walt Disney Imagineering Sculpture Department. He sculpted figures like Abraham Lincoln for the 1964 New York World’s Fair, quite a few pirates for Pirates of the Caribbean at … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Company Offers Pension Buyout to Some


The Walt Disney Company has offered pension buyouts to around 5,000 past employees. They sent out some offers of a one time lump sum payment to some of their ex cast members that have high dollar pension plans, $100,000 or more. Other ex cast members with smaller pension plans have always had the one time buy out option.Disney is not the first, nor will they be the last do this.Not that long ago Disney tried to do away with pensions all together. Needless to say the Unions did not like … [Read more...]

10 Years of Percy Jackson: Surviving Camp Half Blood!


Chip and Co is proud to continue our partnership with Disney Hyperion to bring you the best of Percy Jackson and the Olympians as it celebrates 10 years! This month I thought I’d make a fun little guide to surviving at Camp Half Blood to correlate with our awesome presents from Percy we received this month (check them out on our Instagram @chipandco)The first thing you need to survive Camp Half Blood is a good knowledge of Greek mythology or at least a good Knowledge of the history of your … [Read more...]

Teen Beach 2 Gets Big Numbers!


7.5 million Total Viewers,  3.2 million Kids 6-11 and 2.8 million Tweens 9-14 tuned in to the premiere of the original movie "Teen Beach 2" (Friday, June 26, 8:00 p.m.) on Disney Channel – ranking as the most watched cable TV telecast in nearly two years in the target youth demographics – since July 19, 2013 – and the #1 cable TV movie of 2015 in Total Viewers. Separately, the movie's availability as of June 19 on the authenticated WATCH Disney Channel service has resulted in over 846,000 views … [Read more...]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Reportedly Preps for Overhaul


While many Walt Disney World Addicts have been known to say, "It'll always be MGM to me," it cannot be denied that changes to the park, and closings of beloved areas are causing more and more to see Disney's Hollywood Studios as no more than a "half-day park."  But Disney has a plan, and while that plan will be revealed more thoroughly at the D23 Expo in Anaheim this August, we can preview a little of what is expected to come.Rumors indicate that the Disney Parks board of directors has … [Read more...]

Just in Time for Summer: The Belle Beauty Collection


Summer is probably our favorite season for beauty, mainly because it’s all about simplicity. And if there’s a Disney character who holds a similar outlook on beauty, it’s definitely Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Belle’s natural beauty and kindness always shines through in whatever she does. And with the Belle Beauty Collection at Walgreens, you can channel Belle’s simply elegant style anytime.The collection features makeup, nail polishes, and cosmetic bags from SOHO, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and … [Read more...]

ABC Family’s “Startup U” Cast Announcement!


ABC Family announces the smart, spontaneous and entertaining cast of its new unscripted series “Startup U,” premiering on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 8:00 -9:00M ET/PT. As these ten young adults embark on a seven-week program filled with tough lessons and plenty of drama, will they be able to handle the pressure and seize every opportunity as they pursue their dreams?“Startup U” follows a group of entrepreneurial millennials as they embark on a semester at Draper University in Silicon … [Read more...]

Disney’s Untitled New Project About Charles Darwin


There are very few details about a new untitled project Walt Disney Studios has just closed the deal on.   Stephen Gaghan will write an adventure film involving Charles Darwin, the British naturalist and geologist famous for his theories, including the Theory of Evolution.   Darwin traveled for 5 years on board the ship HMS Beagle charting the coastline of South America and made many discoveries which led to his being one of the most well known and influencial persons in history.Should be … [Read more...]

Disney Combines Consumer Products and Interactive Divisions


Disney has said that they are merging 2 divisions. One is consumer products and the other is the Interactive Division. They said Monday that the change is "in response to changing consumer preferences in a marketplace increasingly influenced by technology."When the two become one it will have a it's own publishing unit. Which will put out kids books, e-books, and apps etc.The new division will be co-chaired by the presidents of the consumer products and interactive divisions, Leslie … [Read more...]

A Whole New World Book Review!


What if Aladdin had never found the lamp? This first book in the A Twisted Tale line will explore a dark and daring version of Disney's Aladdin!Recently I received an advanced reader copy of A Whole New World by Liz Braswell. This book is a dark twisted version of a well-known fairy tale that will leave you clutching your stomach in fear of the darkness that lies within. In this telling Jafar is an entirely more sinister villain plotting and killing anyone who gets in his way. He tricks … [Read more...]