Breaking News: Disney in talks to expand to Texas Location

I have received word from a very reliable source that Disney is in talks with Frank McCrady, CEO of the East Montgomery County Improvement District to purchase land in New Caney Texas just outside Houston for an all new theme park!!! Yes you read that right.. Disneyland Texas!

According to my source the land outside Houston was being developed for an Amusement Park already but developers ran out of funding when the economy took a downward turn. The original park would have been called Earthquest.

A new Texas theme park would help alleviate the fanny pack and croc wearing crowds at both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. The crowds at the Walt Disney World resort get so bad that Disney has to look at means to offer fans Fastpasses for Fastpasses.

Stay tuned to Chip and Co for more details on this exciting NEWS!

What do you think about Disneyland Texas? Do you think it will help with the overcrowding at Disney World & Disneyland? Can the Texas economy support such a tremendous endeavor?  Let us know in the comment box below.

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  • Ron

    I think it would be great for Texas. I would not copy Disneyland or Disneyworld but make it somewhat different. A western themed park would fit more to Texas than any other kind. People from all over the world and the United States would come here to see that.

  • Becky Herrscher

    So any news on this? Did anything develop on building in Texas? I know there is now an amusement park under construction North of Houston….so is that what was supposed to be the new Disneyland Texas? Well wish they were still thinking of building here near Houston

  • karla

    No! Houston is already crowded and very hot in the summer! so adding a disney world here in houston will get houston even more crowded! and even hotter from all the pollution disney would do! PLEASE DO NOT PUT A DISNEY WORLD IN TEXAS! NOOOO WAYYY

  • Guppie<3

    I think it would be awesome! My family can’t afford to drive all the way to Florida! Need Disney in Texas!!

  • Teachermom

    Yes! Yes! Yes! We just got back from a weekend at Sea World in San Antonio. Sea World is not even that great anymore and it is packed always! Texas is a totally kid-centered area. It may even be busier than Orlando.

  • dramalady1

    I think that that Disneyland would profit much in texas! I have to fly all the time to just visit one of their parks. Having one in texas would be more convenient for everyone as it might fix the over populated seasons in florida and california! Not to mention that the park would make tons!!! Many of the outside tourism comes from Texas to visit these gigantic parks! Texas needs a park just like this and perhaps it would also allow more tourism from out of town people to visit us! Bring on the magic!

  • Harold

    1984, Disney [through a Louisiana broker] put down an option on 50,000 acres between Beaumont and Houston. But, it was Ron Miller [Walt’s son-in-law] as CEO that wanted the park.

    Roy Disney, Walt’s nephew did NOT want another park & wanted to concentrate on animation. There was a stock fight, & Ron Miller lost.

    So, no park in Texas, at that time.

  • Matt

    Disney would be better fit in Fort Worth or San Antonio not near Houston. The DFW area is bigger than the Houston area, its also to humid in Houston area. Fort Worth is also a really classy city over all. The only thing that would make San Antonio a better choice is its not as hot as DFW and Houston.

  • Stephanie Walker

    Yes This would be great for all of us. I just moved to Houston from Bay City, Tx and this would bring alot of money to that area when Disney does come to that location. I’m 29 an a single mother of 3. I could afford this for my family if they did build in Texas. Please come fill our dreams and build it… My kids and I can’t wait.

  • Donna Kay Culpepper Ward

    I sure do hope they come to New Caney, Texas. That area really could use the work. There are still a lot of people needing work in that area.

  • cindioverstreet

    Just noticed the date of this, betcha I got April Fool’ed. Thought it too good to be true.

  • cindioverstreet

    I would love to have a Disney park closer. For us it’s a two day drive one way and with only a weeks’ vacation and we just can’t get to California or Florida easily. I live in Texas and would love to see some Disney magic in our state! YES to DISNEY!

  • Moma

    I have heard for over 20 years that Disnay was coming to the Renaisance location. I think it would be great
    for the economy in New Caney and the surrounding area. It would provide jobs without having to go 30 or 40 miles each way. Come on Disney we want you here.

  • Onna

    Lol. Cute! But I do really wish they would go to the ne or Canada so I could go more often!

  • Pilotjess

    Um, as interesting as it would be…I’m betting on April Fools!