Bluray Review – The Aristocats is loaded with special features

The Aristocats Blu-ray and DVD Special Edition, now available in stores, is fantastic and worth adding to your family’s Blu-ray collection. As always, the animation is beautiful and the songs are fantastic, but the real jewels of this special edition are the special features. You will love the movie, and you’ve likely seen it, so I’m going to focus on the great special features that Disney collectors will love.

The Lost Open– In this segment, Richard Sherman, one of the famous songwriters for Disney, introduces the alternate beginning of the Aristocats. The segment walks you through original storyboard drawings and partial imitations from what was intended as the beginning to the actual opening of the movie. I really liked the original opening also. I’m curious, do you think they should have kept the original opening?

Oui Oui Marie– Oui Oui Marie is a music remix that takes snippits of things Marie says in the movie and clips them together into a song with a heavy back-beat. I personally found this part to be terrible. However, my 5-year-old daughter was “rocking out” to it.

Deleted Song, She Never Felt Alone – I adored this segment where, again, Richard Sherman introduces the process of writing this song that never made its way into the film. The song was, indeed beautiful and I think it would have made a stunning addition to the film, but I do understand why it was cut as it’s a bit on the slow side.

Disney Song Selection – This segment has sing-alongs for four songs in the Aristocats. My children enjoyed it.

The Sherman Brothers: The Aristocrats of Disney Songs – I love the Sherman Brothers and I love hearing the stories of how they wrote their songs. If you’re a Disney song lover you will really enjoy this segment where they discuss the song writing process for the Aristocats and they also discuss another song that was left out.

The Great Cat Family – An informative cartoon that was shown as a part of “Uncle Walt’s” World of Color shows. Learn all about the domestic cat family in a way that only Disney can teach.

Bath Day – Figero, Minnie Mouse’s Cat, takes a bath….with a little bit of calamity involved. This classic cartoon will leave the whole family in stitches.

The Aristocats fun with language game – A great language game for you and your kiddos.

The Aristocats scrapbook – A beautiful look at the art of the Aristocats.

You will really enjoy these features and beyond having a movie your whole family will enjoy for years to come, the amazing information found in the special features makes it well worth your while!

Cest Magnifique!

  • The Aristocats comes to Blu-Ray August 21, 2012 (
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  • Joelle Franzo Daddino

    My kids enjoy the special features! Another DVD I need to go request from the library!

  • Myria Johnson

    I like that Disney has all these special features for the older movies.