Are big changes coming to Disney Cruise Line in 2015?

Disney Cruise Line

Howdy Fellow Disney Addicts! It is your one and only favorite gossip columnist in the whole wide world, Anonymouse! I have some Disney Cruise Line gossip for you today.

Word around Disney Cruise Line is that there are big changes coming for 2015 and beyond. My sources tell me that Disney Cruise Line may not be have Europe itineraries in 2015. That also means no Transatlantic cruises.

Never fear, for rumor has it that Disney Cruise Line has something even better coming. It is rumored that Disney Cruise Line has requested to sail out of New Orleans. This will open up so many new possibilities for itineraries. I, for one, would be really happy about them sailing from New Orleans. Who doesn’t want to go to Bourbon Street before getting on a cruise? Beignets, any one?

Hawaii itineraries may also be returning in 2015. Maybe it will include an excursion to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa. Other rumored itineraries include Eastern Canada, South America, Scandinavia and the Adriatic Sea.

Of course, we will all have to wait and see.

What itineraries do you think should be added?

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  • Andrew Darden

    We would LOVE for Disney to visit someplace other than Nastysau on the 3 and 4 night cruises!!! The Turks and Caicos Islands are very beautiful and would be a great place for a stop for all cruises. We have done the Western Caribbean cruse two times and we didn’t even get off the ship the second time. We will do the eastern cruise again but try to get itinerary B or C just to see another port.
    Do 5 Cruises on Disney and you have done them all. The only reason we did more on the same Itineraries is to get on the different ships. We will now try to get back on the Magic since they refurbished it. The Alaska Cruise was the only one we REALLY want to do again.

  • ivlichelle

    It absolutely can be.

    Like any city, there are places to go and places to not go when you have kids with you.

  • Anjie

    NO doesn’t excite me much but I too would love to see them going back out of Galveston as well.

  • Nicole

    i hope they will return to New York!

  • Chrissy Vorderbruggen

    Agreed! NO is not a great family destination. Galveston is easy access for Lousiana folks. Come back to Texas!!!

  • Gayle Choojitarom

    I grew up in New Orleans &, trust me, there is SO much more to NOLA than Bourbon St. There are the Audubon facilities (the world-class Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, & the Insectarium), the Children’s Museum (which is an ACM reciprocal member), museums, streetcar rides, frequent festivals (usually with no admission fees), shopping, steamboat rides, sightseeing, tours, parks, plantations, the botanical gardens, City Putt mini-golf, Mardi Gras parades in the spring (stay on St Charles Ave or travel out to the suburbs & it’s very family-oriented), etc. I’d be beyond thrilled if NOLA pans out!

  • lddcw

    I don’t think NO isn’t family friendly. We found plenty to do there with our kids outside of Bourbon street. I do however, hope Disney is wise enough to send ships back to Galveston in the future.

  • Luis Rodriguez Jr

    I for one am not happy about the New Orleans rumor. It’s not exactly a family destination.