Baby its Hot Outside! Here’s how to keep cool at Disney


We have all said it or at least heard it a few times while visiting WDW… “I’m hot” “its soooo hot” “I think I’m melting” you get the picture 😉

Let’s face it, that Florida heat can be brutal and staying cool can be trying! So since we visit allot in the summer here are few tips that we use to try and keep cool…

Drinking water – seems easy enough but we learned the hard way that it is a must!! My mom on one summer Disney trip said “I just didn’t feel thirsty” but then she started feeling lightheaded and well one thing lead to another and Disney security/medical help descended on us ninja style and I apologize to anyone in the Its Tough To Be A Bug Que in August 2006 😉 So “Drink Up Ye Hardees” Mostly water and Power-aid/Gatorade but any nice iced cold drink will help in the summer heat!

*Any Counter Service will give you a Free cup of ice water, just ask!

Misting Fans! We have had our Disney Misting Fans for years and take them every trip! Disney sells them at every turn but you can also get them at home(and cheaper) to bring along! Just a little burst of air in your face or a light cold mist can help on a scorching day!

Neck Coolies! Well that’s what we call them, but they have many kinds out there all with different names. But the idea is they are bandanna’s filled with cooling crystals, you wet the bandanna and wear it around your neck to cool off! And yes they really do work! Check your local Wal-Mart or Sporting Goods Store or jump online and search Ice Bandannas, Neck Coolers, Frog Togs etc…

Take in a show! There are many to be had so find one and take a break, even waiting to get into a show(because on hot days, everybody will want to see a show) will still be cooler than directly outside.

Grab a bite! I know allot of people say “I’m to hot to eat” but sitting down giving your body a break with even a snack and a cold drink can help!

Just take a break... Now you can go back to the resort and swim or nap but you also can just find some shade or depending on the park an inside attraction and find a seat and just sit & people watch!

These all might seem easy and you could be thinking “no kidding, we will drink and take breaks” BUT the power of Disney is amazing and you get in the mind set of “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming 😉 know what I mean? So please be smart and listen to your body~

For more check out this article, Top 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney World.



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I live in Western PA with my husband and 13 year old son. We love all things Disney and travel to WDW as often as we can. I also have had a Tastefully Simple Home Party business for the last 10 years!

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