D23 Presents Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives Event at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Walt Disney

D23 unveiled a special exhibit Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives to honor the 90th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. On October 16,1923, The Disney Brothers Studio was founded and the official contract was signed by Walter E. Disney and Roy O. Disney with M.J. Winkler to produce the series of animated shorts the “Alice Comedies”. To help celebrate this event D23 and the Disney Archives thought it best to honor Walt Disney by displaying the exhibit in the birthplace of Walt Disney … [Read more...]

Disney’s Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales Review


 When I got the Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales DVD in the mail from Disney I honestly have never sat down and watched the show before. My daughter has watched it a few times but this past week we both jumped on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and started watching.To my surprise the show is actually very good. There were many times I had a good hard laugh and so did my 7 year old. Some of the humor was for adults and others like when the Gnomes starting barfing rainbows were just … [Read more...]

Joffrey’s Coffee is Now Disney’s Official Specialty Brand Coffee


Taking into consideration I do not even drink coffee, the amount of information I have about Disney coffee is quite impressive but this is not a positive for Disney. Normally I hear about the coffee in Disney via  grumblings and comments that the only thing good about leaving Disney is a decent cup of coffee. Yes, there are a few places I hear to get good coffee...think Kona, but all in all the coffee at Disney is just not doing the job. But all that is changing, as Disney has just announced … [Read more...]

2013 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Photos


I had a chance last weekend to check out the Epcot Food & Wine Festival for the first time at Walt Disney World. I ended having to go both Saturday and Sunday as on Saturday it was so packed I wasn't going to wait in line for 20 mins just for a little bite to eat.So on Sunday I was eating right at 11am when the World Showcase first opened. This is a good trick if the lines are too long, just wait till the next morning to get your grub on.Well enough talk here are the pictures from … [Read more...]

A Look inside Disney’s Frozen


FROZEN is the newest 3D animated film to be released by the Walt Disney Studios at the end of November. WD Animation Studios and Screenwriter, Jennifer Lee borrowed from the basic storyline of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen.  Adding their own unique magic and a bit of pixie dust, the story is transformed into the studio's next hit movie. FROZEN is full of twists and turns that take the characters from one adventure to another, meeting mystical trolls, a snowman and a pet … [Read more...]