DisneyWorld Holiday Events Calendar

Christmas at Disney World is upon us, with beautiful decorations around the parks & resorts, as well as all kinds of special events. It certainly is a Magical Time of year!Magic KingdomMickey's Very Merry Christmas Party remaining dates: November 29; December 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 2009.EpcotCandlelight Processional with celebrity narrators; World Showcase Storytellers, and a special finale to IllumiNations. Presented at America Gardens Theatre in Epcot at … [Read more...]

How to Carve a Holiday Turkey Like a Disney Parks Chef

Sure, carving a turkey can be intimidating — most of us only do it once or twice a year. But for chefs at Disney Parks, it’s routine. They’ll carve thousands of turkeys this holiday season and they’ll make it look easy.To make sure you can pull it off, Walt Disney World executive chef Lenny DeGeorge is offering a quick how-to. He says start with the drumstick:To safely carve your holiday turkey, it’s important to give yourself some room to operate and make sure you’re … [Read more...]

Disney’s Old Dogs … Are Werewolves

Funny spoof of Disney's Old Dogs & New Moon on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. … [Read more...]

Disney Pic of the day – Turkey Time


Gobble Gobble … [Read more...]

Unique Centerpieces Created by Disney Parks Florist

Wait, wait…before you dust off that giant Thanksgiving table centerpiece, the Disney Parks Blog has something different this year. We’re switching it up with not one but four holiday centerpieces you can create at home.Walt Disney World Florist Cindy Braak will walk you through the process starting with how “Oasis” in the bottom of a pot will keep the flowers hydrated. Here is the backstage video:When creating the centerpieces, Braak says use one color of flower per … [Read more...]