Disneyland Showtime 1970

This is a Disneyland special with Kurt Russell, The Osmond Brothers and E.J. Peaker. Donny and Jay run off to go explore the park while the rest, fearful that the two might miss their time to perform, look anxiously for them. The program ends with a "making of" the Haunted Mansion (which, at the time, was the "new" attraction).DisneyParkVideos has all 5 parts below. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! … [Read more...]

Give a Day Promotion with Teri Hatcher & Miss Piggy

Teri Hatcher and Miss Piggy make a pretty pair of volunteers. Watch this national television commercial and learn about the "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program. … [Read more...]

Classic Disney Movies Brought to the Broadway Stage for Renewed Enjoyment


A GREAT article written by Reed at Reeds Tickets.netYour one stop shop to New York's finest entertainment. If it is a sports event, a concert or a theater production you seek look no further than Reeds!Beauty and the Beast is one of the Walt Disney Companys most lucrative titles. The 1991 movie was an immense success and in 1994 it opened on Broadway with more songs, and a lot of stage magic! The show debuted at the Palace Theater on Broadway and was and instant success. Beauty and … [Read more...]

Toy Story: “You’ve Got a Friend In Remix”

Remixed by DJ Synd Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D now in theaters through October 15th. … [Read more...]

Brian Wilson Signs with Walt Disney Records


Brian Wilson Signs with Walt Disney RecordsBeach Boys Co-Founder to Record Two Albums, Including Covers of George and Ira Gershwin ClassicsWilson to Craft Collaborative Compositions from Previously Unpublished Music from George GershwinTwo giants of popular entertainment have come together as Brian Wilson, the pioneering musical genius who co-founded the Beach Boys and wrote many of the band's greatest hits, has signed with Walt Disney Records.In the months ahead, Wilson will … [Read more...]