Monorail guide warned of hazard when trains backed up without a spotter


The manufacturer of Walt Disney World’s monorail trains warned against the kind of reverse driving that contributed to the system’s first fatal crash this past summer, according to documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.An operating manual written for the Disney trains by Bombardier Inc. warned that driving the vehicles in reverse “is a potentially hazardous operation even under the best conditions” and “strongly recommended” that an observer be stationed at the opposite end … [Read more...]

Disney and CBS Signing on to Apple TV Subscription Service?

The Wall Street Journal reports that CBS and Walt Disney are considering participating in an upcoming plan by Apple to offer television subscription services over the Internet.Apple is hoping to introduce the service in 2010.The news comes as there is increasing evidence that Apple is looking to revamp its iTunes services. The recent acquisition of Lala Media has raised the possibility that Apple is seriously looking at subscription services as the future for iTunes. This approach is … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber sings “One Time” in a Radio Disney concert


15-year-old teen sensation Justin Bieber performed on Dec. 19 for a large group of young girls and other fans in Celebration, Florida as part of a Radio Disney concert and Celebration's Now Snowing event. … [Read more...]

Christmas at Walt Disney World 1978 – Attack of the giant babies

I couldn't resist posting this video from the guys over at Progress City USAFrom the 1978 television special "Christmas at Walt Disney World" comes this horrific spectacle. Professional mime duo Shields & Yarnell provide this heaping dose of nightmare fuel - a truly upsetting bit that has nothing to do with Christmas *or* Walt Disney World.Witness the horror and wonder how a society that could produce something like this still exists. Or why anyone ever, ever went to Walt Disney … [Read more...]

Disney Movies Releasing in 2010


Here is the official list of Disney Movies that will be releasing in 2010. If your not sure what they are about be sure to click on the link for more information.When in Rome Release date: January 29Alice in Wonderland Release date: March 5The Last Song Release date: April 2Oceans Release date: April 22Prince of Persia : Sands of Time Release date: May 28Toy Story 3 Release date: June 18The Sorcerer's Apprentice Release date: July 16Step Up Release … [Read more...]