Disney Launches the Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition

Art of Frankenweenie

I'm very excited to announce that Disney is launching the Art of Frankenweenie exhibition this month, which is set to tour seven countries! Tim Burton's latest stop-motion masterpiece arrives in theaters on October 5, 2012.The exhibition's tour kicks off in Barcelona, Spain, June 18 through the 21st at CineEurope. It will make its way to the US by heading to Comic Con San Diego in San Diego, California, July 11-15. Once the tour is complete, the exhibition will have visited seven countries, … [Read more...]

Disney Legend Alice Davis Will Receive an Honorary Window on Main Street, U.S.A., Tomorrow Morning at Disneyland


Tomorrow morning marks a very special day for Alice Davis: she has earned her place on Main Street with a window. Employed by Walt himself, Davis is known for developing costumes for the theme parks, films, and television programs. She was married to Marc Davis, an Imagineer and one of Disney's "Nine Old Men" animators.Davis' work in Disneyland park ranges from the costumes the children wear on "it's a small world" to the dirty, raggedy attire worn by the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean. … [Read more...]

Marvel Comics and Benefit Cosmetics Join Forces to Create Female Comic Hero


Marvel Comics and Benefit Cosmetics have joined together to bring the world a new female comic book hero, SpyGal. SpyGal's persona is based off the POREfessional product from Benefit Cosmetics, which features a vintage female hero with a pore-zapping ray gun.I'm excited to see these comics. I've been looking for new comics to read, and having one featuring a respectable female figure is really catching my attention (not all female superheroes need skimpy outfits!). I plan on getting my hands … [Read more...]