Disney’s Forgotten Treasure: Walt’s First Studio

Disney studio

Located super close to my house in Garden Grove, CA is the Stanley Ranch Museum. The museum is home to several of the original buildings and homes built in Garden Grove, the oldest dating back to the mid-1860s. Garden Grove is next-door to Anaheim, the home of Disneyland.The "studio" is actually a garage that had been owned by Walt's uncle, Robert Disney. His uncle allowed Walt to use the garage when he came to North Hollywood in 1923.The museum acquired the tiny studio in 1984 after The … [Read more...]

Your Photos from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Chip and Co. readers who submitted photos to me! They were all great! So, as promised, here they are, for the world to see!This first photo comes from Keira in Porter, TX. It was Keira's daughter's first trip to WDW, and she had yet to see Cinderella's castle. Once the castle came into view, her face lit up and she became very excited!The next photo is from Gaylin in Vancouver, BC. She had just discussed with Minnie the possibility of being … [Read more...]

Goats Hurry Home at Disneyland


I had never seen this before until yesterday. The goats at Disneyland's Big Thunder Ranch run back home to the Circle D Ranch at a certain time. It's so cute! Luckily I was there and quickly thought to ! It's posted on my personal YouTube page.Related articlesDisneyland Treats: Taffy (chipandco.com) … [Read more...]

Halloweentime: Disneyland Pumpkins!


At Big Thunder Ranch, you can see the wonderful creations the pumpkin artists at Disneyland have created! Lots of great characters! This weekend is your last chance to see them. After Sunday, they're tossed out!Disneyland's pumpkin artists take pride in their creations. Be sure to tell them how great they are! These ladies are lucky they had lots of help; they didn't create all of these pumpkins by themselves. Related … [Read more...]

Disney’s Silly Bandz: Cars


After buying the Nightmare Before Christmas bands, my boyfriend spotted Cars ones inside the Star Trader shop in Tomorrowland (Disneyland). Knowing how much he likes the movie,  I caved and bought them for him.For $6, you get a pack of about 20 bands. The shapes are Lightning McQueen, Snot Rod, Wingo, D.J. and Boost.Yes, we put them all out on top of a Disneyland trash can to see them and take photos. Don't judge us. … [Read more...]