Say Farewell to DCA’s Letters, Murals

California Christmas Letters

I know it's been a little while from me. Forgive me. School has been crazy.Well, I saw on MiceChat (thanks, Twitter) that Al Lutz gave some news about the murals and beloved letters at California Adventure. According to Lutz, the tiles from the murals will be ground up and using in flooring for the newly remodeled Disneyland Hotel in 2012. The giant letters outside of California Adventure have only about a month left, then they will be removed (and saved!). The plan is to use the somewhere … [Read more...]

Disney “Characters” Taking Over Twitter


Recently I've become a total Twitter monster. I can't stop tweeting, and I can't stop reading other people's tweets. It's fun to see what strangers are thinking! (Such as the "What the...?" tweets floating around about the World Cup being hosted in Qatar for 2022.)Not all of the profiles on Twitter are random strangers or business trying to gain more followers as well as inform the public about their company's latest news. Some Disney fans have created Twitter profiles to represent figures … [Read more...]

Merry Mousemas!

Christmas Castle

I love Disneyland any time of year (especially the off-weeks during the year when the park isn't that crowded). But Christmastime at the Disneyland Resort has to be my favorite time to visit the parks. The environment is so warm and welcoming, regardless of what the thermometer says. Wreaths, twinkling lights, snow, and the gigantic Christmas tree are all part of the magic.During the holiday season, the magic is so thick in the air you can almost see it. Guests arrive super early for … [Read more...]

Should Disneyland and California Adventure be Merged?

Should Disneyland and California Adventure be merged into one giant park?Attendance for California Adventure has been all over the place, to say the least, while Disneyland's attendance has stayed strong (for the most part) despite the downhill state of the economy. World of Color and events like Glow Fest and ElecTRONica have brought up attendance slightly, but not much compared to Disneyland's daily numbers.In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bob Iger talked about how Disney … [Read more...]

Disney’s Forgotten Treasure: Walt’s First Studio

Disney studio

Located super close to my house in Garden Grove, CA is the Stanley Ranch Museum. The museum is home to several of the original buildings and homes built in Garden Grove, the oldest dating back to the mid-1860s. Garden Grove is next-door to Anaheim, the home of Disneyland.The "studio" is actually a garage that had been owned by Walt's uncle, Robert Disney. His uncle allowed Walt to use the garage when he came to North Hollywood in 1923.The museum acquired the tiny studio in 1984 after The … [Read more...]